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The Conversation’s Fact-Free Claim That Rich Countries Are To Blame For Idai

  Even by Con standards, this fact-free article by ‘climate justice’ academics, Michael Mikulewicz and Tahseen Jafry, at Glasgow University, is outrageously bad. The title alone is enough to make you blanche: Cyclone Idai: rich countries are to blame for disasters like this – here’s how they can make amends Presumably, the making amends for causing poor … Continue reading


Prediction: Climate Change Will Be Blamed For Making February Heatwave ‘X Times More Likely’.

    Carbon Brief summed up the media and scientific community’s response to the remarkable spell of summery weather the UK has just experienced when it was supposed to be winter (today is the first day of Spring and it’s much colder!). Reading between the lines, I would hazard to guess that within the next … Continue reading


World Weather Attribution: Trump Was Right – America Could Have Done With Some Good Old Global Warming.

    The first responder team at World Weather Attribution have declared that the exceptionally cold winter thus far in the eastern US and and Canada is . . . . . “exceptional in the current climate”. Like, wow. Before we get into the in-depth analysis which has prompted this altogether startling and unexpected conclusion, … Continue reading


How Extreme US Cold, a Trump Tweet & Little Ice Age Chatter Triggered A Warmist Meltdown

    Global warming works in mysterious ways apparently and it is a wonder to behold the triggered, hypocritical, general dumbness and crass stupidity which its workings have on this occasion provoked among the Warmist classes – with a little help from the tweet of a certain Donald T. I’ve seen dumber responses from the … Continue reading