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Tim Flannery’s Latest Climate Triumph

Congrats to paleontologist Dr Tim Flannery for new international recognition in the peer-reviewed global climate literature. Dr Flannery is head of Australia’s Climate Council, a Fellow of the deep-green Australian Academy of Science, and previously federal Labor’s Climate Commissioner on a modest $180,000 a year for a three-day week. Now his credentials have been further burnished, having … Continue reading


Making Kids Shrill, Scared and Stupid

Oh my goodness! Australian schoolkids by the million are being saturated with actor and climate hysteric  Damon Gameau’s ridiculous climate-zealotry film 2040. [1] “By the million”? I’m scrupulous with facts and Gameau’s actual quote on a marketing video was “reaching as many as 948,400 students”. But the video was made a year or so back. Since then his total … Continue reading


Of Ratbags, Protests and Selective Policing

Victoria’s bold gendarmes in Ballarat last September arrested and handcuffed a 28-year-old pregnant woman in her kitchen in pyjamas for anti-lockdown “incitement” on a Facebook post., which she described as a “bit of a bimbo moment”. Yet somehow Dan Andrews’ police were impotent for nearly two hours after two Extinction Rebellion activists parked their hired truck … Continue reading


How the Left invaded and trashed a different legislature

The Capitol invasion was foreshadowed in 1996 by an invasion and riot at The Australian federal parliament in 1996. Media handling of each – very similar – event is enlightening. What a mystery! Pundit Laura Tingle on the government-financed Australian Broadcasting Commission TV’s 7.30 program last night (January 11) showed 13 seconds of clippage from 1996 of a crowd … Continue reading


The Hilaria-ous Case of the Pseudo Señora

Escandalo! Among Hollywood’s Trump-hating and climate-doom celebrities, actor Alec Baldwin stands tall. I’ve enjoyed his Glengarry Glen Ross movie several times, but he’s a nasty person with sadistic impulses. Plus he’s another of those Hollywood hypocrites, splashing his $US60 million wealth on big houses and big toys in New York, while telling the plebs to catch buses and … Continue reading


Beware, Parents, Your Kids Are Being ‘Scootled’

When I noticed that a top-tier federal-state education body is providing lesson materials for teachers, I decided to take a look. The body is Education Services Australia (ESA), a company set up by federal-state education ministers. ESA provides free supplementary online materials for teachers via 20,000-plus pages on its Scootle portal. No mickey-mouse operation, it’s all keyed precisely … Continue reading


The Things Kids Learn from Their Australian Broadcasting Commission

Australia’s ABC rivals BBC as a projector of all things leftist especially global warming hysteria. This article attacks the ABC from another viewpoint: as massive hypocrites on feminism. In 2019-20, the team’s focus was to reach younger Australians, their families and their wider communities in a way that was both meaningful and beneficial. — ABC annual … Continue reading


The Climate Cult’s Brat Brigade

In the Iraq-Iran wars of the 1980s, Ayatollah Khomeini sent 12-year-old Iranian schoolchildren swarming into no-man’s-land to detonate the mines. The keen kids wore devotional slogans on red headbands and each carried a small metal key to open the gates of Paradise. The analogy with enrolling Australian kids as zero-emission fanatics is not perfect. The kids’ … Continue reading