Peter Gleick Sticks Up for Malthusianism

2018 Sagan Prize winner, Peter Gleick, has written a  review of Michael Shellenberger’s new book, Apocalypse Never and it’s been getting a lot of links from Shellenberger’s critics. He starts out with a description of the two  opposed philosophies of Cornucopianism and Malthusianism and how they apply to environmentalism. The review is illustrated with side by … Continue reading

New Book by Michael Shellenberger

New Book by Michael Shellenberger

On June 30 Michael Shellenberbger’s new book, Apocalypse Never: Why Environmental Alarmism Hurts Us All, will be published. He has a twitter thread full of blurbs by prominent intellectuals like Richard Rhodes, Tom Wigley, Steven Pinker, Jonathan Haidt, Kerry Emanuel and more. He originally intended for it to be about nuclear power, but has “decided to broaden its focus last year in … Continue reading


Michigan Dams Collapse

Mid Michigan is suffering through some historic flooding after the Edenville and Sanford dams failed after heavy rains. Lake Sanford has been drained into downtown Midland causing the evacuation of thousands. Someone caught some video of one of the dams breaking. Here’s another video which nicely summarizes the situation. I live in Bay City which … Continue reading

The Great Corona Lockdown Hockey Stick Twitter Brawl

The Great Corona Lockdown Hockey Stick Twitter Brawl

  When Brad Keyes wrote his great Shibbolithic post at WUWT, I just had to tweet it out. Hey @Revkin @chriscmooney @theresphysics @BSchmidtTweets @michaelshermer @BrianDunning @NaomiOreskes @EthonRaptor @ClimateOfGavin @Potholer54T @BadAstronomer @STWorg @rebeccawatson You people are so missing out!@BradPKeyes @wattsupwiththat — Canman (@DombroskiMike) April 9, 2020 This resulted in a long long thread about issues like … Continue reading