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Kangaroos hop to it on emissions cuts

Australia’s national broadcaster ABC and the green-riddled education system combine to foist fake history and climate nonsense from an “Aboriginal” claimant onto credulous schoolies Sixteen-year-old Fiona Snodgrass-Greencaper (not her real name) arrives home from Williamstown Terrific College and asks, “Mummy, what’s for tea?” Williamstown, for those blessed not to live in Melbourne, is a gentrified … Continue reading


Peter Gleick Sticks Up for Malthusianism

2018 Sagan Prize winner, Peter Gleick, has written a  review of Michael Shellenberger’s new book, Apocalypse Never and it’s been getting a lot of links from Shellenberger’s critics. He starts out with a description of the two  opposed philosophies of Cornucopianism and Malthusianism and how they apply to environmentalism. The review is illustrated with side by … Continue reading


Five Go Off The Planet

“Hooray for the Hols!”cried Greta, tossing her plaits joyfully over her shoulders: “No more Latin, no more Greek, / No more freezing my arse off sitting on a cold pavement holding a placard reading Klimastreik!” (It sounded better in Swedish, of course.) There were five of them. Greta, just seventeen, was the youngest. Then came the … Continue reading


Greta Thunbergs Fan Club

How to link the panic in pandemic with the climate crisis? The Guardian (who else?) shows the way: Pandemic shows climate has never been treated as crisis, say scientists. Letter also signed by Greta Thunberg urges EU leaders to act immediately on global heating Greta Thunberg and some of the world’s leading climate scientists have written to EU leaders … Continue reading


” Kill Climate Deniers” meets “44 Sex Acts”

David Finnigan, who wrote the daintily-titled play Kill Climate Deniers, is adding more lustre to the arts scene with his self-styled “romantic comedy”, titled 44 Sex Acts in One Week. It involves “endurance stunt f***ing”.   His inspirational play made the short list of five for the national best-new-play award by Griffin Theatre in Sydney last month. In … Continue reading