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Apocalypse delayed

Ben Pile has another article up at Spiked, Apocalypse Delayed: The IPCC report does not justify climate scaremongering. We should all be dead by now, thanks to overpopulation and resource depletion. The few of us remaining should be scavenging a landscape denuded of life by acid rains and UV rays. Thankfully, we are not. Also still standing … Continue reading

Fascinating Algorithm

You may have heard about the recent crackdown by internet providers on purveyors of Fake News, which began by the banning of Alex Jones by Facebook and Twitter. First they came for the loony rightwing racist chemtrail conspiracy theorist But I wasn’t a loony rightwing racist chemtrail conspiracy theorist So what me worry? Then it … Continue reading

IPCC Chap.1: Verse 1: Commentary

This was going to be a comment on Jaime’s excellent article but it got out of hand. Here are some quotes from the Executive Summary of Chapter 1 of the report, with comments: Depending on the temperature dataset considered, 20-40% of the global human population live in regions that, by the decade 2006-2015, had … Continue reading

Jo Nova on HADCRUT

Jo Nova has a must read article on the first ever audit of the HADCRUT temperature records It’s based on the doctoral thesis of John McLean who found a pile of steaming detritus where the world’s top scientists had been. A month in Romania at -45°C; 3 months in Colombia at 80°C; sea temperature … Continue reading

The Notorious Mr Slade

  Earlier this year, former US president Barack Obama, standing before an audience attending the Nelson Mandela memorial lecture, took the opportunity to explain why there is no longer any point in debating with those who question the threat of Catastrophic Anthropogenic Global Warming. It’s as simple as this, he opined: “You have to believe … Continue reading

Red Ken Supports Climate Hysteria

Ken Livingstone has an article on Climate Change at Russia Times. Russia Times is an on-line news source hated by the western establishment of left and right; Ken Livingstone is a retired leftwing British politician hated by the British political establishment of left and right. Ken was a popular and successful Labour Party leader of … Continue reading