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Project Fear — Matt Cartoons (@MattCartoonist) January 15, 2019 A hundred years ago this evening, in Berlin, things weren’t going so well for Rosa Luxemburg. Captured by the Freikorps, who tortured her in a luxury hotel then killed her and dumped her body in a canal. All under the orders of her fellow-leftists, the SDP or … Continue reading

Hayhoe, Who Cares?

Hayhoe, Who Cares?

In a comment to Tom Fuller’s excellent article Paul Matthews (14 Jan 19 at 9.47am) mentions an article in Psychology Today which, as Paul says, is full of falsehoods and inventions, illustrating Tom’s point about the denial of mainstream science by those who claim to defend “the science” against “the deniers.” Psychology Todayis a popular magazine, so … Continue reading

The Two Faces Of Denial

It is certainly true that there are some skeptics that deny aspects of climate science–we remember folks like Doug Cotton and Oliver Manuel. My rough guess is that they comprise about 1% or less of the contrarian community. Sadly, for climate activists, these outliers serve as poster children for their anti-communication efforts. But the activist … Continue reading

Like Tears. In Rain

On the eighth day of the first month in the Year of Our Brexit 2019, Jack excised me from the internet. Seven years, 50,000 tweets. Gone. Instant Silicon Valley Death Syndrome. Twitter killed @balinteractive. All those Twitter moments lost. Forever. To what did I owe this sudden harsh bout of ignominy, deprived even of refreshing … Continue reading

Pielke and Lomborg accused of “fact mongering”

Here’s a remarkable example of the post-truthiness of some elements of contemporary academia. A magazine called Issues in Science and Technology has published an article Fear Mongering & Fact Mongering, by Adam Briggle, a philosopher at a third-rate institution called University of North Texas. The article starts by dismissing the old-fashioned claptrap of Poincaré and Feynman, … Continue reading

Macron’s Energy Transition

The Anglo Saxon media continue to give a strangely muted coverage to the French Yellow Vest protests. A burning barricade by night with the cathedral of Notre Dame in the background looks impressive for five seconds on the evening news, but – violent protests in France – so what? Last Saturday a retired champion boxer … Continue reading