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A Sock Puppet’s Challenge

  OK, so, all the hoo-hah and nonsense is dying down now over Michael Tobis, an ‘actual’ climate scientist, calling me a sock puppet on Twitter. He probably still thinks I don’t exist and he’s probably still searching for my ‘dirty dozen’ nefarious aliases on line. He still wants me to post a picture so … Continue reading

Knowing—really knowing—your enemy

Alan Kendall is one of the most thoughtful, humane and deeply-educated contributors to this site. So when he rebukes me, however gently, his criticism is not to be dismissed lightly. It takes a whole blog post. Alan recently said I should temper my Manichaean Weltanschauung by getting to know—really know—our enemies, a prescription which, in … Continue reading

‘Actual’ Climate Scientist Michael Tobis Thinks I Don’t Exist

  This is a reposting of a post I have put on my own blog: I thought about writing a post on this and then thought, meh, boring. So what if a paranoid scientist thinks I’m a sock puppet for fossil fuel interests? No big deal really. But he’s pushed his paranoid conspiracist ideation  … Continue reading

BBC on Freedom of Speech

Paul Matthews,who is on holiday, draws our attention to this article on the BBC site. I could have added a link under my last article, but it seems important enough to quote in full, and to give it the maximum publicity. Commenters please note, there are now two different though overlapping subjects under discussion: the … Continue reading

Censoring Lord Lawson

Paul Matthews’ article on the Gore/Stott/Lawson furore deals with the important question of whether a top climate scientist has been economical with the truth in an interview on BBC Radio 4’s “Today” programme. Mainstream media coverage has entirely ignored the contribution of Professor Stott and concentrated on the question of whether ex-minister Nigel Lawson should … Continue reading

Crushing the Consensus

A new article in Environmental Communication: “Beyond Counting Climate Consensus” by Warren Pearce, Reiner Grundmann, Mike Hulme, Sujatha Raman, Eleanor Hadley Kershaw & Judith Tsouvalis, is discussed in the Guardian, of all places. It is notable (among other reasons) for citing our own Ben Pile and our number one below the line fan AndthentheresPhysics, as … Continue reading