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Twice as Likely as Not: Attribution of Increased Probability of Discrete Events

We are obsessed by time series, and rightly so. Daily changes in the stock market; monthly movements of unemployment or inflation; annual trends in birthrates or immigration; these graphs are the key to understanding the direction in which our society is heading, and how fast. It is quite impossible to formulate sensible economic or social … Continue reading

Rupert and the Mystery Denier

Rupert Read teaches philosophy at the University of East Anglia, chairs the Green House thinktank and was “Green Party 2015 MP-Candidate for Cambridge.” He was twittering the other day: BBC Radio wanted to have me on today to debate a climate-denier in the context of the drought/heatwave. I said NO. I told them it was … Continue reading

Climatism versus Democracy

Translated from this post by Benoît Rittaud: The dream of environmental dictatorship is being expressed more and more openly, and the normal social safeguards no longer work. Take this headline to an interview with climatologist François-Marie Bréon in Libération, 29/07/2018: “The Battle for the Climate conflicts with Individual Freedoms.” This title alone might suggest a … Continue reading

Lewandowsky, Parliament, and the Gloucestershire Village Idiot

The House of Commons Digital, Culture, Media and Sport Committee has just published its “Interim Report on Disinformation and ‘fake news’.” I was mildly interested since Professor Lewandowsky was a witness. There’s a transcript of his oral evidence before the committee, and his written evidence can be found here. Professor Lewandowsky proved a bit monomaniac. … Continue reading