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Fake News and Other Fakes

By TinyCO2 I was just watching Sunday’s The Big Questions, available on BBC iPlayer, a discussion of fake news and whether the internet should be regulated. First off I want to stress that there is fake news out there and the internet is responsible for some of it. So what? The key argument from Dan … Continue reading

Not the Last Trump, Not by a Long Way

Like everyone else in the Western world, yesterday morning I went straight to Buzzfeed to download the dodgy dossier. Well, not quite everyone. I was visitor number two million and something, then two-million-and-something-and-one. Last night after Trump’s press conference the number of visitors had soared to three and half million. That’s less than 1% of … Continue reading

A day of politics at Nature

I’ve commented previously on Nature’s ill-advised forays into political advocacy, as have others. It’s not a very new phenomenon — this piece dates from 2007. On Wednesday this week, January 4th, the former science magazine and its spin-offs surpassed themselves with no less that three political articles on the same day (HT Barry Woods and … Continue reading

2017: A year of Cook’s Tours?

2017: A year of Cook’s Tours?

In episode three of The Grand Tour Jeremy Clarkson and colleagues finally get round to addressing the show’s title by going off in fast, expensive cars around Italy. Their route, they announce, is that which original Grand Tourists might take – Siena to Venice via Vicenza and Florence – and as they zoom through sun-blasted Tuscan … Continue reading

Hallelujah, the Great Storm is Over?

Over at Pointman’s, he has published another powerful, intense essay around the climate furore, and this time he declares: ‘The war against climate alarmism is over, and we won it. There won’t be a formal surrender, there will be no armistice or cease-fire, there will be no shell-shocked soldiers staggering out of bullet scarred bunkers … Continue reading