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Wittgenstein, Peter Pan

Like some comic bit part player out of Wittgenstein’s Blue and Brown Books, I planted some herbs yesterday, wrote out little plastic labels, and stuck them in the pots. A storm in the night wiped the labels clean, but I thought I could just discern traces of some letters, so I took the labels out … Continue reading

A Calm Overview of Recent Climate Variation

The GWPF has just published another excellent contribution on climate – they claim it is ‘The World’s First State Of The Climate Survey Based on Observations Only’. That by itself is an indictment of the IPCC and its political goal-driven mission. Let us contrast that massive but essentially poisoned endeavour with this decent, calm, apolitical, scholarly … Continue reading

Climate spending cut in Trump’s budget

A budget that puts #AmericaFirst must make safety its no. 1 priority—without safety there can be no prosperity: — Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) March 16, 2017 Donald Trump has published a budget, America First: A Budget Blueprint to Make America Great Again There’s an increase in defense spending (+10%), and cutbacks, often referred to as savings, … Continue reading

His Highness Ladybird Corner

HRH the Prince of Wales’s bestseller on climate doom, Climate Change: A Ladybird Expert Book is currently listed on Amazon as “#1 Best Seller in Chaos Theory”, but that’s probably just Amazon’s idea of what chaos theory is about. My idea of chaos is a world where the future Head of State of one of … Continue reading

What We Expect From Climate Scientists

Consensus blogger (and frequent visitor to this site) And Then There’s Physics has consecutive posts discussing the proper role of climate scientists in the Climate Conversation. I (along with many regulars here) have been banned at commenting at ATTP, but I think the subject is interesting enough to respond here. In Scientists are not salespeople, … Continue reading

Climate not a priority for public

A new survey is out today, European Perceptions of Climate Change (EPCC), on public opinion in the UK, France, Germany and Norway. It’s being talked about at an echo chamber conference, see the twitter tag #EPCC17.  It’s also discussed in the Guardian. The authors include some of the ‘usual suspects’, Nick Pidgeon and Adam Corner. The … Continue reading