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Freeman Dyson, 94 today, on scepticism

At the excellent Curious Wavefunction blog of Ash Jogalekar, there’s an article (posted last year) about Freeman Dyson, who is 94 today. Amongst other things, it discusses his climate scepticism. If anyone asks you what climate scepticism is, the points made about computer models, dogmatism and challenging the status quo in this paragraph sum it … Continue reading

Polar bear attack paper invalidated by non-independent analysis

  Cross-posted from Shub Niggurath Stephan Lewandowsky has co-authored (yet another) paper attacking climate skeptics. His colleagues-in-arms this time are long-time climate consensusite Jeff Harvey , Bart Verheggen, and a cohort of ecologists along with Michael Mann. First author Harvey is well-known to climate commenters as a rant-prone passionate bulldog for the climate cause. The … Continue reading

Ongoing ignorance of experts 4

Want the good news or the bad news? Trick question. It’s either both or nothing. To get us started, here’s a tweet from a Greenie today telling us some good news: Those who campaign in defence of science mustn't engage in pseudoscience. Emotive bear footage + narrative from campaigners was picked up uncritically by media… … Continue reading

Ongoing ignorance of experts 3

Here’s the bottom line, helpfully at the top. For mediocre self-defined experts, climate is a gateway drug. For society, climate is self-harm due to low self-esteem. The only snag is that I don’t know when I’ll reach the bottom line. Death in November The last nine days have in my opinion been some of the … Continue reading