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Seen Elsewhere…

Judith Curry has two recent posts on the sorry state of climate science, Climate science’s ‘masking bias’ problem and Climate scientists’ motivated reasoning. Matt Ridley writes about the madness of the 2050 net zero target. Ben Pile has an article at Spiked on the eco-signalling frenzy of the Tory leadership candidates. There’s a video of … Continue reading


Merchants of Drought

A journal called Scientific American (or ScAm for short) hosts the latest blog from Kate Marvel, claiming that the “Hot Planet” is “Creeping toward permanent drought.” The subtitle is “Both trees and climate models are telling us the same frightening story”.  Most of the text is her usual substance-free emotional wittering: “The smell—a peppery sweetness, … Continue reading


When Marxist Physics Professors do Climate Scepticism

We quite often quote physics professors here, but not often physics professors discussing “the key role of maintaining dollar hegemony and the importance of the petrodollar to US global dominance,”or who argue that “the US has an existential interest to ensure that opioid drugs are traded in US dollars” and who quote Albert Camus, professor Mike … Continue reading