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An invitation to Jordan B Peterson

It’s coming up to the anniversary of the first mention of Jordan Peterson at Cliscep, just as the UK mainstream media start catching on*. Readers will also be wondering ‘what kept you?’ because it was obvious to climate sceptics a year ago that Dr Peterson was someone to watch. Here was someone not only willing … Continue reading

Younger Dryas Ocean Warming Fails Its MOT On GHG Radiative Theory

  There’s a fascinating study which has just been released on a novel method of estimating global mean ocean temperature (MOT) during the last glacial transition. Here is the abstract: Little is known about the ocean temperature’s long-term response to climate perturbations owing to limited observations and a lack of robust reconstructions. Although most of … Continue reading

World Weather Attribution: Trump Was Right – America Could Have Done With Some Good Old Global Warming.

    The first responder team at World Weather Attribution have declared that the exceptionally cold winter thus far in the eastern US and and Canada is . . . . . “exceptional in the current climate”. Like, wow. Before we get into the in-depth analysis which has prompted this altogether startling and unexpected conclusion, … Continue reading

Letter to Oxford University Press

Oxford University Press recently published on line an article by Uscinski, Douglas and Lewandowsky which repeated a number of lies we‘re used to hearing. I commented briefly here and here I reproduce my reply. They jumped the shark, swallowed the polar bear, and spewed out anthropobscenities about us climate sceptics to make your hockeystick … Continue reading

Global Cooling Not Worth Shivering About But Is A Broken Ice Age Cycle Worth Sweating About?

Global Cooling Not Worth Shivering About But Is A Broken Ice Age Cycle Worth Sweating About?

    Matt Ridley thinks global cooling – any cooling – is “not worth shivering about“. I agree and disagree. Matt says: Valentina Zharkova of Northumbria University has suggested that a quiescent sun presages another Little Ice Age like that of 1300-1850. I’m not persuaded. Actually, Zharkova thinks some cooling similar to that which occurred … Continue reading