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Sou’s Ruse Slews Lew (Apologies Dr Seuss)

This article, like the last two here, is about this important article (Lewandowsky, Mann, Brown, Friedman). If you haven’t been following, Lew has been standing by his Mann, and together they’ve been throwing up smokescreens around their troubled oeuvres. Their first campaign enlisted three innocent medical researchers as fellow resistance fighters in the subterranean war … Continue reading

That 10:10 video – a sincere defence

Analysing humour, as the famous formulation goes, is like pulling the wings off a beautiful fly to see if it can still dance to anything by Phil Collins and/or Genesis (or any eighties era bands that flies liked then) – it’s a horrifying ordeal best left to the imagination. But with all the hoohaa surrounding 10:10’s video … Continue reading

A Dummies’ Guide to ‘Debate, Denial and Doubt’ by Dummies, for Dummies

A Dummies’ Guide to ‘Debate, Denial and Doubt’ by Dummies, for Dummies

We hope you enjoyed our early coverage of Lewandowsky, Mann et al.’s latest exertion, Science and the Public: Debate, Denial, and Skepticism. In the end, though, you’re a normal person, so you simply don’t have the psychoclimatological competence it takes to sound the abysmal brilliance of a Lewandowsky/Mann collab for yourself. You’ll just have to … Continue reading