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Groupthought for the Day

Groupthink! GROUPTHINK GROUPTHINK GROUPTHINK. It seems wherever you look in the skeptiverse, ‘Groupthink’ has gone absolutely ape-viral! All the most skeptical skeptics have caught the Groupthink! meme, and if you’re not talking about GROUPTHINK then, frankly, you should feel intense social shame. You’ve obviously been living in a cave, and I suggest you go back … Continue reading

February Climateballs

  Following on from the first in the series, here is another round-up of recent climate idiocy. Med islands renewable target Ibiza and Mallorca have set targets to go 100% renewable by 2050! How much of their electricity is currently from renewables? 2%. So only another 98% to go. Sounds like a complete load of … Continue reading