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The Canadian Inquisition

This story is not directly climate-related, but it illustrates the familiar authoritarian behaviour of the thought police within academia and the attempts to promote an agenda and suppress all dissenting views. You can read about the story at the BBC, CBC, the Spectator, Quillette, and many other sources. At a third-rate Canadian university near Toronto called … Continue reading

Cook and Oreskes are Right

Pearce, Grundmann, Hulme et al have replied (14 Nov 2017) to replies by Cook (28 Sep 2017) and Oreskes (28 Sep 2017) to a previous article by Pearce, Grundmann, Hulme et al (23 Jul 2017).  It’s been discussed at WattsUpWithThat, but as usual there, any sensible comments get lost in the hubbub. That’s why here … Continue reading

‘Pictures Taken Seconds Before Death’

The climate conversation has been proceeding at a breathless pace since 1988 (a rather arbitrary starting point, but… whatever). The warming period of 1975-1998 was unusual and worthy of discussion. The idea that humans contributed to some portion of that warming was just common sense, given the rapid pace of industrialization. But the warming achieved … Continue reading

Saving Fiji – from Abu Dhabi

It’s not only marketing men with electrodes in their brains who are worried about Fiji and its environmental fragility. Fiji is presiding the current COP23 talks in Bonn, so it’s much in the news, and the Guardian joined the fray with a frightening account of how many billions it must spend to adapt to climate change. … Continue reading