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How Did <i>You</i> Honor Fidel This Week?

How Did You Honor Fidel This Week?

HAVANA Sunday After fulfilling some last-minute media commitments, Fidel’s bloodless cadaver is incinerated and pulverized at a “magnificent” state funeral. NEW YORK  Sunday In Turt­le Bay, the United Nations lowers Israeli standards to half-mast. LONDON  Sunday In Kings Place, The Guardian lowers editorial standards to half-assed.  The paper today eulogizes Fidel as “the original SJW” … Continue reading

Oldies and Luvvies

The Guardian is plugging a new climate hysteria film made by Liberatum “a British cultural diplomacy organisation,” starring: Artist Marina Abramovic, Oscar nominated Actor Mark Ruffalo, the legendary Cher, globally loved broadcaster and naturalist Sir David Attenborough, linguist and legendary philosopher Noam Chomsky, top diplomat and former head of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) Christiana Figueres, environmentalist Bill McKibben, economist Jeffrey Sachs, scientist James Anderson (Harvard), … Continue reading

CliScepGate 2.0

As the entire world is by now aware, the cosy echo-cham­ber of CliScep’s inter­nal mail­ing list was recent­ly the locus of a Conversation that got pretty real at times. Not to blow my own whistle, but today I’m proud to hack up—for your edumusement—a fresh new tranche of intimate confidences. This time it’s a twête-à-twête … Continue reading