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French group claims malaria drug cures coronavirus

  A new draft paper from a group of French researchers reports very encouraging results from the malaria drug Hydroxychloroquine, combined with Azithromycin, an antibiotic. 80 coronavirus-positive patients were treated, and all but two of them showed a rapid improvement over a few days. Unfortunately, the team leader, Didier Raoult, seems to be something of … Continue reading


“What is a Dominant Media Narrative?” said Jesting High Court Judge

…and stayed not for an answer. Extracted from this Guardian article: RT Loses Challenge Against Claims of Bias in Novichok Reporting  Mark Sweney The Kremlin-backed news channel RT has lost a high court challenge to overturn a ruling by the UK media regulator that it broadcast biased programmes relating to the novichok poisoning in Salisbury and the … Continue reading


Lew on Truth, Conspiracy Theorising, and Everything

    [Read Richard’s first. This one is boring.] Bristol University’s news site is announcing the publication of a “book” (their description) by Professors Lewandowsky and Cook on conspiracy theorising. The link provided by Bristol University to download the “book” isn’t working, but Mirage News, which reproduces the University puff in its entirety has a link … Continue reading