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David Rose, man of the people

David Rose has published evidence in today’s Mail on Sunday of gross malpractice by Lord Stern’s Centre for Climate Change Economics and Policy in passing off the work of other scholars as their own, in order to raise £9 million in government grants. Some of the morning’s tweets give the flavour: Surprising: climate change economist … Continue reading

The Greentrashing* of Ridley

The press reaction to the annual GWPF lecture delivered by Matt Ridley at the Royal Society illustrates perfectly the insanity of the current state of discussion of climate change and all things environmental. The rationally optimistic anti-green message transmitted by Ridley’s paper is derived entirely from the research conducted by Professor Ranga Myneni of Boston … Continue reading

Matt Ridley at the GWPF

There was some question as to whether the Global Warming Policy Foundation would be allowed to stage its annual lecture at the Royal Society, but the FRSs finally agreed, on condition that two of their minders were on hand to keep an eye on the science, and Matt Ridley duly spoke on GLOBAL WARMING VERSUS … Continue reading

MBH 1998 And All That

It’s not often in the crazy world of Climate Science that you find something wholly new, even crazier than the last crazy thing you read, and written by one of the most prominent climate crazies of all. I’m talking about “Climate Change Science: A Modern Synthesis: Volume 1 – The Physical Climate (2013)” by G. … Continue reading