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Cook’s Dog’s Breakfast

This is ancient history, four years late in the writing, but never mind. History is long. I’d never really bothered much with Cook’s 97% paper, but a comment here by JonA led me to skepticalscience’s Consensus Project, where you can play with Cook’s data to your heart’s content. This leads to their data file where … Continue reading

Tony Abbott: Daring to Doubt

Tony Abbott: Daring to Doubt

Tony Abbott, former PM of Australia, gave the annual GWPF lecture last night. The full text is on their site and Josh’s cartoon can be found at Bishop Hill. He started with some general remarks about world politics and loss of trust in leaders before moving on to some climate-sceptic points. He acknowledged the role … Continue reading

Winning! Not winning!

The internet making fun of mainstream media messaging – an example of winning? Ian: In an email shared amongst the Cliscep team recently I mentioned that I thought climate scepticism had passed a tipping point and that our side was now, finally, winning. Jaime agreed, but cautioned that the scales have only tipped very lightly … Continue reading

Big Brother Wants a Quiet Word With You

The Guardian’s scientific watchdogs on matters climatical, Stan Abrahams and Oliver Nuccitelli, have recruited a team of high fliers for their latest piece, including Yale’s Anthony Leiserowitz and Cambridge psychologist Sander van der Linden. When a team calling itself “the 97%” writes an article entitled “Why the 97% climate consensus is important” you know what … Continue reading