Peter Wadhams On Ice

It’s coming to the end of the silly season, here in the UKā€”once again, that time of year when we’re supposed to shun the frivolities of summer and turn our minds (such as they are) to serious and weighty topics. To mark this occasion, I give you the transcript of a conversation this Tuesday morning, … Continue reading

Sun’s Out, Big Climate Alarm Guns Out

The jet-setting, climate-campaigning celeb and poet Emma Thompson recently dismissed Britain as a “tiny little cloud-bolted, rainy corner of sort-of Europe, a cake-filled misery-laden grey old island”. And presumably since the vote for Brexit, we’ve sunk even further in her estimation. However, not all of us are misery-laden these days, especially since the referendum. (NB, … Continue reading

A Tim(e) of Fear

We’re teetering on the brink of catastrophe. Or so it would seem, going by the reactions in the media to last month’s EU referendum, in which 52% of the turnout voted for Brexit in an outrageous act of disobedience, rejecting what political party leaders, big business, celebrities and VIPs the world over had made it … Continue reading

What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

On Friday last week, the Today programme on BBC Radio 4 featured some items about a report just released from the National Infrastructure Commission, which describes how Britain (lucky thing!) is perfectly placed to kick off a “smart power revolution” and become a world leader in all things low-carbon. Here’s a transcript of one segment: … Continue reading

Climate and Brexit

On the day when David Cameron has tried to banish forever the notion that he is engaging in “Project Fear” (appropriately lampooned by John Crace here in the Guardian), here are a number of parallels between the climate wars and the current Brexit skirmishes that I have noticed and found interesting. Make of these what … Continue reading

Catastrophe “was the narrative from the beginning” says Lindzen

Earlier this month, atmospheric physicist and professor emeritus at MIT Richard Lindzen was interviewed by radio host William Frezza, and here is a transcript of that interview. The conversation covers a fair deal of ground, ranging from the inadequacies of processing temperature measurements and the way computer models are tweaked to get the expected results … Continue reading