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The Conversation’s Fact-Free Claim That Rich Countries Are To Blame For Idai

  Even by Con standards, this fact-free article by ‘climate justice’ academics, Michael Mikulewicz and Tahseen Jafry, at Glasgow University, is outrageously bad. The title alone is enough to make you blanche: Cyclone Idai: rich countries are to blame for disasters like this – here’s how they can make amends Presumably, the making amends for causing poor … Continue reading

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The Great Climate Conspiracy Theory Conspiracy Theory

I’m currently reading “Conspiracy Theories and the People who Believe Them” edited by Professor Joseph Uscinski. There are thirty one chapters in the book, six of which appear to mention climate change conspiracy (I can’t be sure of the exact number until I’ve read the whole book.) Professor Lewandowsky has a chapter to himself, recounting the … Continue reading