Culture war 2020

Jaime just said in a comment: Russell, “If the science is not faulty, then the people who deny the science must be insane, driven mad by ideology, racism, sexism, homophobism, fascism, or whatever other “ism” you can concoct.” We’re seeing that tactic fall apart big time, not in the climate change debate, but in the … Continue reading


Lying on Climate

Fake news has become such an obsession that accusing people of lying has become as common as saying “Hi! How are you?” and I’m as guilty as anyone. I do it, I know it’s unhelpful, but I can’t stop myself. But at least I know it’s pointless, whereas most people doing it don’t realise it’s … Continue reading


Lew’s Psychology (2)

The LSE’s US website is serialising a book edited by Professor Uscinski of the University of Miami chapter by chapter. Last year they gave space to Professor Lewandowsky, which resulted in an article titled: “A New Tool Can Help Us Determine Which Conspiracy Theories Are False and Which Might Be True.” in which he argues … Continue reading

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Debunked – BBC News Video Which Supposedly ‘Debunks’ #ArsonEmergency Claim

    The BBC are at it again with their fake news propaganda. This time they set themselves the task of debunking claims of an arson emergency re. the Australian bushfires. Here’s the video: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/av/world-australia-51043826/australia-fires-debunking-arson-emergency-claims First off the presenter quotes some ‘research’ which supposedly demonstrates that around a third of Twitter accounts posting the #ArsonEmergency … Continue reading