My Year As A Believer, Part 5

WHICH, like everything else, brings us ineluctably back to climate change. We’d decided early on to raise the baby in our beliefs. Later, if Hunter chose to abandon the science as an informed adult, we’d respect that mistake. We might not love him or her quite as much—can anything really restore the filial bond after … Continue reading

Excuses, excuses

I know, I know, I promised to sorry let me catch my breath for a sec promised I’d write you a leng, a lengthy epistle days ago. And it’s not as. It’s. Not as if I’m unaware or anything like that, of my duty to blog. BEAT Rest assured: yes, with such a powerful voice … Continue reading

L’Appell du Vide

I’d Bash That: Geek goddess Naomi Oreskes [pictured] may be the hottest date on the climate scene right now, but mental mediocrity is her number 1 turnoff. Only superuser-level nerds need apply, she told Playdork Australia. Who can afford to wait in line for such a ripe pluck? Here’s your back door pass for unlimited … Continue reading


What was Willard thinking? He and I had spent the last couple of days spar-o-matically hyperfine sparring over evidence vs testimony vs opinion vs science vs What Is Science and other wurdz that if you’re already bored by, you needn’t bother reading on. This afternoon, for no patent reason, Willard decided to retweet what may … Continue reading

My Year As A Believer, Part 3

WHEREIN your author am seduced by the Light Side It started eighteen months and four days ago, the night I picked an argument with my wife’s Dean. He was one of those low-information, high-adamancy climate alarmists who are in such oversupply at our tertiary institutions, they’re giving them away with any $30 purchase at the … Continue reading