The Consensus Enforcers’ Fallacy Fallacy

John Cook of the SKS project (neither of which need an introduction here) has teamed up with Peter Ellerton and David Kinkead, both of the University of Queensland Critical Thinking Project, to offer a way of “Deconstructing climate misinformation to identify reasoning errors”. The offering in Environmental Research Letters seemingly takes the reader through the … Continue reading

Adieu, Paris!

Adieu, Paris!

So, farewell then, Paris. Trump has called it, and it’s an out. The details of which are yet to emerge, and hopefully not to disappoint. Cue outrage from the likes of Channel 4 news, no doubt. For instance, take this particular illuminating tweet from the UK Green Party’s only MP – Caroline Lucas. The height … Continue reading

Do black lives really matter to greens?

It has been a fair while since we’ve had any airport-runway closing action from the climate, erm… ‘community’. But today’s protest at London City Airport saw black and green seemingly unite. The logic of this move is not obvious. Luckily, the UK’s sole Green Party MP, Caroline Lucas was rushed to the BBC to explain. … Continue reading