Meteorologist Cliff Mass reports the Pacific northwest jet stream over the US at the moment is the strongest ever recorded during summer:

An extraordinary weather event has been occurring above our heads during the past 24-hour.   A record that was not only broken, but shattered to little pieces.

We’ve heard lots about how wavy and sluggish and ‘stuck’ the northern hemisphere jet stream has become, allegedly due to global warming, resulting in the summer heatwaves we’ve been seeing across the globe in 2018 and now in 2019. According to climate cultists, that’s global weirding. Well it seems the jet stream just flipped sides and got a whole lot weirder!

This is a HUGE and very zonal (east-west oriented) jet stream…as shown by the next map at the same time.  This looks like January, not July.

Zonal, got that, not meridional. Not only zonal but record velocity zonal.

The plot below shows the climatology of the winds at this level throughout the year at this location, with the red lines being the all-time record for each date (the black lines are average winds for the date, blue lines, the record low winds).   Vertical soundings at Quillayute go back to the late 1960s…so we are talking about a half-century of observations.   The previous record was around 110 knots…so the 140 knots observed today absolutely shattered the recordIn fact, the wind over us right now is greater then the records for any date from April 1 to mid-October.

Now that is impressive. It also impressively debunks the global warming narrative – made famous by Jennifer Francis – that the temperature difference between cold polar air and warm extratropical air is declining. What energises and drives the jet stream winds is the tropospheric temperature gradient across that boundary between the two air masses. When it’s more pronounced (as during winter), the jet stream travels faster. Therefore the temperature difference between polar and extratropical air must be very pronounced over the Pacific North West at the moment. As Cliff says:

A truly unusual event.   And one that should not be pinned on global warming.  In fact, several of the global warming jet stream papers (e.g., by Jennifer Francis and others) suggest that global warming will bring a weak and wavy jet stream.  This is just the opposite.



  1. According to the AGW proponents the warmed climate was causing the jet stream to go all wavy as part of the climate weirding. Now it is going very strong and straight. Are we ready for the revised theory on settled science saying they expected it all along and disregard earlier papers?

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  2. Chris, one swallow does not a summer make of course, but this highly unusual events does raise the question of whether the warmists’ pet theory of jet stream modification is correct and it does suggest that the current weather in the States is not attributable to global warming – which I’m sure all the usual suspects are rushing to make the connection as it gets very hot in the east.


  3. Harrah for weather,
    able to destroy pet theories
    with a single blast,
    swirling our “research” papers into well deserved oblivion,
    shattering our so-called understanding into dust.

    Yet still we will pretend.

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  4. The obvious i.e. the Sun must be ignored no matter what. Surely a change to 0.01% of Earth’s atmosphere is more important 😂


  5. Jamie – I totally agree with you and Alan that this is just weather. However, the AGW camp are only too happy to seize on a single event which often isn’t extra-ordinary as proof, so this is just firing it back.


  6. Chris. as I said, one swallow does not a summer make. Yes, it’s an isolated event. The actual situation is that there has been a significant increase in blocking events since 1998, but no significant increase over the period of the satellite data. In anticipation of the flurry of newspaper articles and social media comment linking the latest heatwave in the US to climate change, this graph alone removes a major plank of their argument. The jet stream over the US at the moment is markedly zonal and very fast moving, so the ‘wavy jet stream caused by global warming creating extreme weather in mid-latitudes’ explanation is not applicable. Of course then they will merely argue that it’s the 1C overall rise in global mean surface temperature since 1850 which is responsible for this current heatwave. So one then points to the 1930s when CO2 was much less than it is today and asks why heatwaves then were so much hotter even than today. 🙂


  7. Apply the Heller Principal, that if an event is colored red, it’s Climate; if it’s blue, it’s Weather.
    So the Jetstream is most certainly “climate”. / sarc

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  8. Yes Chris. The polar SH jet stream doesn’t get nearly as much attention as its northern counterpart, I presume because it travels mostly over the southern oceans, affecting weather on land generally only in southern Africa, South America and southern Australia. I could be wrong but I think it’s generally less variable than the NH polar jet stream, presumably because it’s unaffected by large land masses.


  9. Right on bloody cue. The ideological plonkers at the BBC just put their foot straight in it.

    “The heatwave could affect about 200 million people in major cities like New York, Washington and Boston in the East Coast, and the Midwest region too.

    In some places, temperatures could be close to or exceed 100F (38C). Parts of Canada are also being hit.

    Experts link more frequent heatwaves in recent years to climate change.”


  10. “Experts link more frequent heatwaves in recent years to climate change.”

    The same experts who forecast the Arctic would be ice-free in summer by 2018/2012/2013/2016 or whatever date in the past it was? Or perhaps the experts who fail to mention or notice that the 1930s were much hotter than the present, in America at least.

    Not forgetting that ‘climate change’ doesn’t mean man-made climate change – unless you want it to.

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  11. ‘Experts’ generally confine their statements to their narrow field of expertise. We seem to have a burgeoning new class of ‘experts’ who claim expertise in all sorts of things which go way beyond their academic qualifications and professional experience.


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