ClimAxed! ClimExit! Make the climate great again!

Hulk actor, Mark Ruffalo was one of the first out of the gate, claiming Trump “will have the death of whole nations on his hands”. Right Mark, of course he will. Perhaps stick to an acting role where you’re just pretending to be smart. For half the time anyway, when you aren’t also pretending to smash aliens and super-villains. p.s. this isn’t an Avengers movie and Trump isn’t a super-villian. Get a grip already.

It’s not even been 24 hours and already we’ve seen one of the biggest tsunamis ever recorded in human history. Due to climate change. A tsunami of fanatical, hysterical and – to us long beleagured sceptics – hilarious over-reaction to Trump’s withdrawal from the Paris accord.

I’ve curated a few of the best responses here. My jaw is already aching from laughing so much.

So, where to start? There’s genuinely almost too much to choose from.

What about our old favourite? The Huff and Puff. Here we go:


No over-reaction there at all. Nope. Nada.

What about a media outlet that is ostensibly supposed to offer *some* kind of balance and perspective somewhere? Like CNN?



We’re all going to diiiiiiieeee!!!!

Except apparently the markets *don’t* think we’re all going to die.

They must know what they’re talking about because they use computer models, right?


Let’s look in on our noble and well informed celebrity class. What do other people like Mark “Hulk” Ruffalo think?

Michael Moore:


Now this good given that Trump explicitly raised the de-industrialisation of the U.S. as one of the main reasons he wanted out. Michael Moore made his career on bemoaning this very decline.

Leonardo DiCaprio:


Oh yes, Leo, the world suffered today alright. It suffered at your insufferability, witnessing how you really don’t seem to suffer on your giant yacht and your private flights.

Chelsea Handler. Part of the smart set, this one:


There’s only one possible way to communicate my response to this:


Jason Reitman:


You know if there’s one creature most likely to survive climate change on the planet, is has to be Elephants. “Celebrities” on the other hand….

Katy Perry:


Is it appropriate to point out here that Katy Perry doesn’t actually have any children? And many Americans may be more concerned about their kids having a job than 0.01 degree of warming prevention

Not to be out done our very own George Monbiot stamps his little feet. It’s a “crime against humanity”, apparently. Hear him roar here

*Even if* everyone who signed up the the Paris accords did what they ostensibly committed to do, the amount of warming prevented would be less than 0.01 degrees. And given the standard error is around 0.1 degrees no one would even know.

You’ve got to laugh, haven’t you?

But you just have to remember:

First they ignore you.
Then they laugh at you.
Then they laugh at you.
Then they laugh at you.
Then they laugh at…..


  1. New Age (i.e. palaeo-pagan) greenies love to fantasize that the planet is “alive.”

    Then at the first sign that it actually is alive, they run screaming “Volcano! Lava! Volcano! Millions of degrees! Climate change has angered Mother Etna!”

    My point being, you can’t win with some people.

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  2. I was genuinely in two minds as to which way to post that phrase Brad….


  3. Stephan “Mahatma” Lewandowsky says:

    First they ignore you.
    Then they laugh at you.
    Then you conspire against them.
    Then they say there’s a conspiracy.
    Then you win.


  4. From my upcoming book, Everything I Know About Climate Propaganda I Learned From The Father of Modern India:

    First they investigate CAGW.
    ….Then you investigate them.
    Then they dispute its credibility.
    …Then you dispute their credibility.
    Then they deny it exists.
    …Then you deny they exist.
    Then they say this debate is getting very silly.
    …Then you say what debate?
    Then they get bored of you.
    …Then you win.


  5. Merkel:

    “We need the Paris agreement to protect all of creation. Nothing can and nothing will stop us… To everyone who cares about the future of our planet, I say let’s continue on this path together to succeed in protecting Mother Earth.”

    All of creation? The planets, stars and galaxies too I guess.

    “Nothing can and nothing will stop us… ”
    Sounds like a threat to me. How’s that EU army coming along Merkel?

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  6. According to your CNN still, the Marshall Islands are going to disappear because of Trump. People still haven’t quite seized the ecology of these Lowbrow-Lying Island States, though it’s quite simple.

    For untold millenia they arrrived on rafts from somewhere else, lived happily on fruit and fish until they overpopulated; fought wars, got wiped out by a hurricane or a Tsunami, then started all over again.

    The arrival of the White Man put paid to this paradise, blew a hole in Bikini, and now half the population lives in Kentucky. I know it’s not fair, and I wouldn’t wish atomic bomb tests on anyone, but it’s not the end of the world, is it?

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  7. Geoff,

    on what planet is it considered a bad thing when one-piece Bikinis become two- (or more-)?

    Wait, I know this one: Chlorophobos 2, the ironically-named Green Planet.


  8. I see the BBC is peddling the line that temperatures will rise by 4.2 degrees by 2100 if business continues as usual. Not 4.1, not 4.3 but 4.2. Colour me scared and pass me some mechano to build a windmill


  9. As for island nations sinking beneath the horror of rapid SLR, it is not happening. I was in Fiji in March, using high-precision instruments to actually measure SLR. Sea Level in the Fiji Islands is stable and has been for several decades. Their two tide gauges are another story, they are sinking into the mucky, unconsolidated sediments upon which they rest….


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  10. Brad Keyes says: 02 Jun 17 at 3:31 pm

    “New Age (i.e. palaeo-pagan) greenies love to fantasize that the planet is “alive.” Then at the first sign that it actually is alive, they run screaming “Volcano! Lava! Volcano! Millions of degrees! Climate change has angered Mother Etna!” My point being, you can’t win with some people”

    But those are the very same folk that are best ignored! :-(.


  11. Note that those attacking Trump’s decision do not address his case for withdrawing. They keep on repeating claims about how the science says global warming is dangerous and how it is our fault. Trump never took issue with any of that. Instead he attacked the weakest alarmist flank, the totally inadequate mitigation program. He stated that the US is withdrawing because of the very small benefits from the hugely expensive program, and because of the unfair burden placed on the US relative to other countries.

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  12. 🙂 MIAB I’d rather sip coffee with the Koch brothers while the little people carry on as normal.Well, 2/3rds of that are likely to happen.

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  13. Climate anger makes you green.
    Trump has caused a worldwide increase in “hulk smash”


  14. Here is a good read on reactions to the US Clexit decision:

    “Maybe that’s why the global warming alarmists have to crank it up to eleven. If we can point to billions of dollars drained from the U.S. government and diverted through an international bureaucracy, or trillions of dollars in lost production and regulatory costs imposed on the world economy over decades, the global warming alarmists have to be able to claim negative consequences so great that they dwarf these massive costs. There’s nothing bigger than the planet dying. It’s a claim that automatically wins the argument—or so they think.”

    “But it’s so comically exaggerated, so over the top, that it actually has the opposite effect. It convinces a lot of us that claims about global warming have become a hype machine stuck at its maximum setting. This looks less like science than like a crackpot doomsday cult perpetually claiming that the end is nigh.”


  15. A couple of graphs might get some perspective on the real impact on global warming, assuming a doubling of CO2 levels will give 3 degrees of warming. First from the UNIPCCC. They added up all the vague policy proposals to see what difference they would make if fully enacted.

    The yellow band is the impact of fully-enacted policies. That includes in the USA, assuming that Barak Obama had got legislation through Congress. That shows global emissions still increasing in 2030. The blue band is the emissions scenario to stop warming exceeding the scary barrier of 2C. Total policy proposals do not even get close.

    Then second is derived from the (un)think tank Climate Interactive’s interpretation of the RCP8.5 baseline (non-policy) emissions projection used in AR5. The change between historical and forecast data is 2012 / 2013. I divided their total greenhouse gas emissions by their population forecasts. A simple sense-check of the data that us beancounters are fond of for financial forecasts and budgets.

    In the USA per capita emissions peaked in 1973, stabilised in 1990-2007 and then have been falling since the Credit Crunch and the shale gas revolution. There is no reason for pc emissions to start increasing.
    In the EU per capita emissions peaked in 1980 and have been falling since. There is no reason for pc emissions to start increasing.
    In China, emissions should peak fairly soon, as China reached a similar stage of industrial development and domestic power penetration as USA in 1973 and EU in 1980. There is no reason for emissions to go on increasing to 43GtCO2e in 2090, with a falling population. Given greater technological inefficiencies in power generation than in the 1970s, I cannot believe that China’s emissions will exceed 20 tCOe/pc.
    For the EU, China and US, just by putting their signature to a non-binding agreement means a huge difference in projected global emissions. President Trump coming out of the Agreement gives the poor alarmists nightmares. They just need a sensible adult that to put the light on, calm their screaming, explain to them it is not real, then suggest they suck their thumb and go back to sleep.


  16. Please replace the …6051 image in comment 13903 with
    [Done – I hope! Thanks for this very helpful comment. — Richard]


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