More surveys – look at my face

More surveys – look at my face

Following on from the previous post, showing that most people in the UK seem to adopt the Catherine Tate approach to climate change, here are three more new surveys. University of Michigan A report from the University of Michigan announces that a record 73% of Americans now think that there is solid evidence of global … Continue reading

Brits Lukewarm on Climate

A new version of the British Social Attitudes Survey is out. There’s a summary of the key findings of the whole survey, which says in its first bullet point,  • The British public are not as worried about major global challenges as the experts who work on them. Public concern about the threat of climate … Continue reading

Kate hates debate

Kate Marvel is one of the new brand of climate evangelists, preaching a message of politics, emotion and rhetoric, who are helping to destroy the credibility of the field. She climbed aboard the climate gravy train from another field only about five years ago, but despite her lack of experience she’s frequently given high-profile platforms … Continue reading

Give us more money to throw away

Three insane green energy news stories today. Firstly, Emily Gosden of The Times reports (behind the Times paywall) that we are all going to have to pay an extra £1.5 billion on our electricity bills because Government ministers gave out too much subsidy to offshore wind turbine developers. The government keeps finding new ways to … Continue reading