Lamar Smith gets tough with NOAA

Yesterday, the latest move was played in the Bates – Rose – Karl – NOAA dispute, by Lamar Smith, Chair of the Committee on Science, Space and Technology (note that Smith isn’t a new Trump appointment – he’s been in post for four years). Smith has written a stern letter to NOAA administrator Benjamin Friedman, see … Continue reading

Edwards on Science, Curry on Mann v Steyn

"Science is always sold as facts, and it's not, it's process. And that process is mainly arguing." says @flimsin — Paul Matthews (@etzpcm) January 12, 2017 A couple of weeks ago there was an interesting episode of the BBC’s Inside Science programme, looking at the difficulties of explaining science. The host Adam Rutherford started off … Continue reading

A day of politics at Nature

I’ve commented previously on Nature’s ill-advised forays into political advocacy, as have others. It’s not a very new phenomenon — this piece dates from 2007. On Wednesday this week, January 4th, the former science magazine and its spin-offs surpassed themselves with no less that three political articles on the same day (HT Barry Woods and … Continue reading