It was the Russians!

Isn’t it strange that apparently Russia intervened with everything lefty’s disagree with? #Trump #Brexit — Shirl (@shirl2702) November 7, 2017 By now, we all know that Trump only became president of the US because the evil Russians interfered with the election and manipulated public opinion. We know this thanks in part to the fearless investigative … Continue reading

Ipsos Mori: UK climate concern decreasing

Today and tomorrow there’s a conference for “environmental communicators” taking place, at Bristol Zoo. See the website or twitter tag. In a time of unprecedented social, economic and political change we urgently need proactive tools for successfully communicating environmental issues. Communicate goes straight to the interface and asks some difficult questions about current approaches as … Continue reading


It appears that the IPCC may not be the only large organisation with a four-letter acronym starting with I and ending with C that produces reports that distort science to make it conform to an agenda. A group called IARC (International Agency for Research on Cancer), which is attached to the WHO, produced a report in … Continue reading

Tony Abbott: Daring to Doubt

Tony Abbott: Daring to Doubt

Tony Abbott, former PM of Australia, gave the annual GWPF lecture last night. The full text is on their site and Josh’s cartoon can be found at Bishop Hill. He started with some general remarks about world politics and loss of trust in leaders before moving on to some climate-sceptic points. He acknowledged the role … Continue reading