Saving Fiji – from Abu Dhabi

It’s not only marketing men with electrodes in their brains who are worried about Fiji and its environmental fragility. Fiji is presiding the current COP23 talks in Bonn, so it’s much in the news, and the Guardian joined the fray with a frightening account of how many billions it must spend to adapt to climate change. … Continue reading

How Telling the Right Stories Can Make People Act on Climate Change

From the Conversation, slightly abridged by Tom van Laer Senior Lecturer in Marketing, City, University of London, and Ross Gordon Associate Professor in Social Marketing, Macquarie University We can survive climate change. There is something simple and concrete that each of us can do. Telling and sharing stories, from the scientific to the personal, is … Continue reading

Outgassing for the Planet

It’s Conference of the Parties time again. If you you thought COP21 in Paris two years ago had solved the climate crisis you haven’t been paying attention to your favourite site. As we reported a year ago, COP22 last year in Marrakesh brought together the normal tens of thousands of delegates, including six professors and … Continue reading

Jennifer Bernstein and the New Environmental Paradigm

I”ve written about the New Environmental (or Ecological) Paradigm (NEP) before here and there. The New Environmental Paradigm is a battery of questions designed to establish where survey respondents stand on environmentalism. It’s one of dozens of similar standardised questionnaires used in the social sciences to discover where people stand in relation to numerous subjects. … Continue reading

Cook’s Dog’s Breakfast

This is ancient history, four years late in the writing, but never mind. History is long. I’d never really bothered much with Cook’s 97% paper, but a comment here by JonA led me to skepticalscience’s Consensus Project, where you can play with Cook’s data to your heart’s content. This leads to their data file where … Continue reading