Black Swans and Barber Shops

Nassim Taleb has published a chapter from his recent book “Skin in the Game” at  According to Amazon, in this book: Taleb challenges long-held beliefs .. Among his insights: – For social justice, focus on symmetry and risk sharing… – Ethical rules aren’t universal. You’re part of a group larger than you, but it’s … Continue reading

Poison in the Air

Who said this? Scientists are an interesting bunch. More than willing to ascribe whatever properties fit the government’s ever more implausible stories, in exchange for an MSM appearance fee, 5 minutes of fame and the fond hope of a research grant. It could have been any of us, but it wasn’t. It was Craig Murray, … Continue reading

Euro Crisis: The Big One?

Brexit; Trump’s election; Greece; Syria; several times this blog has gone way off-topic, and each time we’ve discovered interesting points of convergence between us, (unexpectedly, given that we don’t know each other, and are scattered across the globe and the political spectrum.) Mostly there’s been a link to climate, either directly via the scepticism of … Continue reading

Sceptics Deny the Earth is Flat. Therefore the World is Warming

The Conversation’s Environment editor Willy de Freitas, after insulting cliscep contributors Paul Matthews and John Ridgway,  as well as barrister Robin Guenier and emeritus professor of philosophy Hugh McLachlan, has decided to thumb his nose at us by publishing an article so stupid that even we wouldn’t stoop to criticise it. Sorry Willy. I’ll stoop … Continue reading

The Conversation shakes its Willy at us

The latest climate article at the Conversation is so absurd it wouldn’t be worth mentioning if it weren’t for what’s happening in the comments. To summarise briefly: In the article, author Sylvia Jaworska, Associate Professor in Applied Linguistics, University of Reading, reports on her linguistic analysis of 500 corporate documents produced between 2000 and 2013 … Continue reading