Monsieur Hulot’s Mid-Life Crisis

The resignation of the French Ecology Minister made waves not only in France, and rightly so. As number two in the government, and its most popular member by far, Hulot’s resignation, announced spontaneously during a radio interview, has given Macron’s government its biggest shock since July, when the president’s most trusted adviser was filmed … Continue reading

Up Lewandowsky’s Memory Hole without a Paddle

Here we are, with the unlimited resources of the Fossil Fuel Lobby, and we haven’t even noticed (at least, I hadn’t) what Professor Lewandowsky has been up to: (apologies to anyone who may have already blogged on this) Welcome back to April 24, 2018Stephan LewandowskyStephan Lewandowsky The blog experienced unexpected and unresolvable … Continue reading

Twice as Likely as Not: Attribution of Increased Probability of Discrete Events

We are obsessed by time series, and rightly so. Daily changes in the stock market; monthly movements of unemployment or inflation; annual trends in birthrates or immigration; these graphs are the key to understanding the direction in which our society is heading, and how fast. It is quite impossible to formulate sensible economic or social … Continue reading

Rupert and the Mystery Denier

Rupert Read teaches philosophy at the University of East Anglia, chairs the Green House thinktank and was “Green Party 2015 MP-Candidate for Cambridge.” He was twittering the other day: BBC Radio wanted to have me on today to debate a climate-denier in the context of the drought/heatwave. I said NO. I told them it was … Continue reading

Climatism versus Democracy

Translated from this post by Benoît Rittaud: The dream of environmental dictatorship is being expressed more and more openly, and the normal social safeguards no longer work. Take this headline to an interview with climatologist François-Marie Bréon in Libération, 29/07/2018: “The Battle for the Climate conflicts with Individual Freedoms.” This title alone might suggest a … Continue reading