Climatists’ Last Stand?

The Cambridge Climate Lecture Series 2017 kicks off tomorrow, 23 February 2017 at 19:30 with Baroness Bryony Worthington talking about “Climate Change – a race between Physics and Politics.” _____________________________ Update 24th February 23017: Here is a video of Baroness Worthington’s lecture. I’ve started transcribing it in the comments Further lectures in the series … Continue reading

Top Climate Porn: All-Women Photo

The Bates/Karl affair is having all kinds of ramifications, with the usual suspects falling over themselves to defend Karl, sometimes with the interesting argument that his correction is so trivial as to be hardly worth talking about. Stefan Rahmstorf at RealClimate asks: “Could the difference of a few hundredths of a degree have duped world … Continue reading

Timothy Snyder and the Nazi Thing

I’ve long intended writing a piece with the provocative title of “the Nazi Thing” on the puzzling question of what it is about the climate debate which makes people on both sides resort to using language like “denier,” “death trains” on the one hand, and “eco-fascism” on the other, when it’s so obviously counterproductive. An … Continue reading

Message to Katherine Hayhoe

Barry Woods just alerted the rest of us to this gem ttps:// In which you can see a bunch of desperate individuals issue a Message to Trump from Climate Scientists. Let’s forget for a moment that two of them (Peter Gleick and Stephan Lewandowsky) are proven liars, and concentrate on the first messenger, Katherine Hayhoe, … Continue reading