Letter to Oxford University Press

Oxford University Press recently published on line an article by Uscinski, Douglas and Lewandowsky which repeated a number of lies we‘re used to hearing. I commented briefly here https://cliscep.com/2017/11/15/oxford-university-press-on-climate-conspiracy-theories/ and here I reproduce my reply. They jumped the shark, swallowed the polar bear, and spewed out anthropobscenities about us climate sceptics to make your hockeystick … Continue reading

Varoufakis v. the Consensus

Imagine: someone has a Big Idea that Explains Everything. But which poses a Big Problem. So he passes the Big Idea around, and other people come up with Big Solutions to the Big Problem. So soon you have experts who are expert in finding Solutions to the Big Problem, politicians who are itching to put … Continue reading

Strangling the Gorilla in the Echo Chamber of Your Mind

    Lewandowsky Cook and Ecker (who he?) have two new articles at the Journal of Applied Research in Memory and Cognition. The first “Beyond Misinformation: Understanding and Coping with the ‘Post-Truth’ Era” “…explores the growing abundance of misinformation, how it influences people, and how to counter it. And outlines “a number of recommendations to … Continue reading

LED into the Heart of Darkness (2)

Thanks to BishopHill for tweeting a link to this article by Michael Le Page People without electricity could end up living the energy dream Solar power is giving millions of people access to electricity for the first time – could they bypass traditional fossil fuel grids altogether? MORE than 100 million people around the world … Continue reading

Making Macron Great (Again)

The French government has just published details of what its ministers are worth. (In monetary terms that is; their fundamental value is a closely guarded secret.) Only twelve out of thirty two are millionaires, (not bad for a government which is “neither left nor right”) the second richest being the popular minister of the environment … Continue reading