Correlation Between Emissions and Warming in the Central England Temperature Series

    This article by Jamal Munshi challenges the whole theory of AGW in the most radical way imaginable. From the Abstract: A comprehensive detrended correlation analysis of the daily mean Central England Temperature (CET) series for each calendar month against fossil fuel emissions for the 245-year study period 1772-2016 is presented. Time scales of … Continue reading

Wittgenstein, Peter Pan

Like some comic bit part player out of Wittgenstein’s Blue and Brown Books, I planted some herbs yesterday, wrote out little plastic labels, and stuck them in the pots. A storm in the night wiped the labels clean, but I thought I could just discern traces of some letters, so I took the labels out … Continue reading

His Highness Ladybird Corner

HRH the Prince of Wales’s bestseller on climate doom, Climate Change: A Ladybird Expert Book is currently listed on Amazon as “#1 Best Seller in Chaos Theory”, but that’s probably just Amazon’s idea of what chaos theory is about. My idea of chaos is a world where the future Head of State of one of … Continue reading

Climatists’ Last Stand?

The Cambridge Climate Lecture Series 2017 kicks off tomorrow, 23 February 2017 at 19:30 with Baroness Bryony Worthington talking about “Climate Change – a race between Physics and Politics.” _____________________________ Update 24th February 23017: Here is a video of Baroness Worthington’s lecture. I’ve started transcribing it in the comments Further lectures in the series … Continue reading