Wally Broecker’s Dumb Luck

  Doug McNeall tweeted a link to this somewhat enigmatic essay yesterday. It’s by Wally Broecker, the so-called “Father of Global Warming”, an epithet which he earned by virtue of his fairly accurate prediction of global temperature rise (predicted to be mainly due to rising CO2 emissions) in 1975. It’s pretty obvious that Wally Broecker … Continue reading

More on ‘Vilifying Rose’

  David Rose has been talking to David Whitehouse of the GWPF about the reaction to his Mail on Sunday article in which he criticised the global warming hype which we saw at the peak of El Nino warming earlier this year. He seems genuinely astounded by the reaction and one can hardly blame him. … Continue reading

Activist ‘Discussion’ Paper Immediately Converted to Guardian Lurid Headline

This is a ‘get in there quick before everyone else does’ type post intended to promote further discussion over the coming days. The Guardian has published an article today claiming that the planet is “at its hottest in 115,000 years thanks to climate change”. They base their alarming headline on a non peer reviewed ‘discussion’ … Continue reading