Carl Mears Paper Confirms Increasing Trend in Atmospheric Water Vapour

  Carl Mears, who runs the RSS global satellite temperature dataset, has a new paper out, studying trends is atmospheric water vapour from 1988-2017. The data reveals a significant increasing trend in Total Precipitable Water (ocean only) of 1.49% per decade, which he states is confirmation of the effects of anthropogenic global warming. Water vapor … Continue reading

‘It is not science as we know or understand it. Yet it is peer-reviewed, it exists’ – Part I

‘It is not science as we know or understand it. Yet it is peer-reviewed, it exists’ – Part I

  Imagine it is star date 41315.6. The USS Enterprise has gone into orbit around a remarkably Earth-like planet and Spock is uploading data from the surface which reveals the planet is peopled by sentient beings who do ‘science’. The first actual scientific paper he uploads is Harvey et al, Internet blogs, polar bears, and … Continue reading

Cancel the Enlightenment – Science is to Become a “Feminist Institution”

  Forget old dead white men and their cobwebby equations and quaint experiments. Science is about to get the full feminist, social justice, post-colonialist makeover. If you care about science, and our ability to answer questions, steward public policy and improve public safety, then you must care about the people who make up the scientific … Continue reading

Younger Dryas Ocean Warming Fails Its MOT On GHG Radiative Theory

  There’s a fascinating study which has just been released on a novel method of estimating global mean ocean temperature (MOT) during the last glacial transition. Here is the abstract: Little is known about the ocean temperature‚Äôs long-term response to climate perturbations owing to limited observations and a lack of robust reconstructions. Although most of … Continue reading