The North Atlantic Drives Shifts in Global Climate

The North Atlantic Drives Shifts in Global Climate

  The GWPF has a fascinating paper published recently which is attracting much attention. The author: Anastasios Tsonis is distinguished professor of atmospheric sciences at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. He is also an adjunct research scientist with the Hydrologic Research Center in San Diego. It starts off talking about ENSO (El Nino/La Nina/Southern Oscillation) and … Continue reading

A Sock Puppet’s Challenge

  OK, so, all the hoo-hah and nonsense is dying down now over Michael Tobis, an ‘actual’ climate scientist, calling me a sock puppet on Twitter. He probably still thinks I don’t exist and he’s probably still searching for my ‘dirty dozen’ nefarious aliases on line. He still wants me to post a picture so … Continue reading

‘Actual’ Climate Scientist Michael Tobis Thinks I Don’t Exist

  This is a reposting of a post I have put on my own blog: I thought about writing a post on this and then thought, meh, boring. So what if a paranoid scientist thinks I’m a sock puppet for fossil fuel interests? No big deal really. But he’s pushed his paranoid conspiracist ideation  … Continue reading