Climate Izzums and Schizzums

It has become not only easy, but almost de rigueur for climate alarmists to retreat to false classification–almost objectification–of their opponents, especially when they cannot respond satisfactorily to arguments made against them. But the classifications are getting more discrete, if not discreet. Where before the hate speech term ‘denier’ was almost enough to serve their … Continue reading

Meta Studies and Climate Science

Well, they don’t mix. At least not so far. Following Climategate, the activist community felt as though they needed to respond to what they perceived as a victory for skeptics of climate change. Like the skeptics themselves, they were frustrated at the slow pace of the climate conversation in the academic literature and the even … Continue reading

…The Second Time as Farce

The key learning from Climategate was that a group of scientists who collaborated closely together, co-authoring papers and reviewing each others’ work created a toxic environment for science. They agreed on the principal points of the theory they were advancing–that temperatures hadn’t been as warm as today for a thousand years, that the signature of … Continue reading

Climate Scientists Harassing Women (asexually, of course)–Again–Matt Lauer, Meet Michael Mann

  Consensus climate scientists have long been personal and damning in their criticism of those who don’t agree with them. They’ve threatened physical violence (Ben Santer: “Next time I see Pat Michaels at a scientific meeting, I’ll be tempted to beat the crap out of him. Very tempted.”). They of course use the epithet ‘denier’ … Continue reading