Math Vs. The Green New Deal

As a devoted Leftist I am encouraged to see young activists pushing for progressive policy goals. As an old Leftist I am somewhat amused to see once again bright-eyed and eager newcomers pushing for goals that are somewhat ambitious. As in unachievable without making most of the problems we face much worse. The Green New … Continue reading

The Two Faces Of Denial

It is certainly true that there are some skeptics that deny aspects of climate science–we remember folks like Doug Cotton and Oliver Manuel. My rough guess is that they comprise about 1% or less of the contrarian community. Sadly, for climate activists, these outliers serve as poster children for their anti-communication efforts. But the activist … Continue reading

The Uncle At The Holiday Dinner Table–And A Get Out Of Jail Free Card

The transition to cranky uncle-hood was rapid and startling. My family and friends at first seemed to accept my lukewarmer status–someone who accepts the science underpinning our understanding of climate change but is skeptical of the more alarmed pronouncements issuing forth from NGOs, politicians and their adherents in the press and blogosphere. But after the … Continue reading

Climate Izzums and Schizzums

It has become not only easy, but almost de rigueur for climate alarmists to retreat to false classification–almost objectification–of their opponents, especially when they cannot respond satisfactorily to arguments made against them. But the classifications are getting more discrete, if not discreet. Where before the hate speech term ‘denier’ was almost enough to serve their … Continue reading

Meta Studies and Climate Science

Well, they don’t mix. At least not so far. Following Climategate, the activist community felt as though they needed to respond to what they perceived as a victory for skeptics of climate change. Like the skeptics themselves, they were frustrated at the slow pace of the climate conversation in the academic literature and the even … Continue reading

…The Second Time as Farce

The key learning from Climategate was that a group of scientists who collaborated closely together, co-authoring papers and reviewing each others’ work created a toxic environment for science. They agreed on the principal points of the theory they were advancing–that temperatures hadn’t been as warm as today for a thousand years, that the signature of … Continue reading