Ongoing ignorance of experts 4

Want the good news or the bad news? Trick question. It’s either both or nothing. To get us started, here’s a tweet from a Greenie today telling us some good news: Those who campaign in defence of science mustn't engage in pseudoscience. Emotive bear footage + narrative from campaigners was picked up uncritically by media… … Continue reading

Ongoing ignorance of experts 3

Here’s the bottom line, helpfully at the top. For mediocre self-defined experts, climate is a gateway drug. For society, climate is self-harm due to low self-esteem. The only snag is that I don’t know when I’ll reach the bottom line. Death in November The last nine days have in my opinion been some of the … Continue reading

Ongoing ignorance of experts 2

Tolstoy hit the nail on the head. All climate alarmists are alike; each climate sceptic is unhappy in his own way. Only kidding. The smug self-satisfaction still includes some minor variations. I wish to return to Matt Ridley, an expert who I believe was unfairly criticised in September by two perceptive experts here, Geoff Chambers … Continue reading

The game may be changed

The game may be changed

Climate sceptics, feast your eyes on two brilliant and appropriately passionate articles in best-selling UK tabloids this morning: Now that’s an inconvenient truth: Report shows the world isn’t as warm as the green doom-mongers warned. So will energy bills come down? Fat chance in the Daily Mail by Labour MP Graham Stringer How scientists got … Continue reading

Gove and The Blob

Today is a month exactly from the UK general election as well as the last day of the G20 summit in Hamburg. Michael Gove is a UK politician who was not expecting to return to the cabinet after his sacking last year. The Blob is a 1958 American science-fiction horror film, according to Wikipedia. And … Continue reading