Brexit and climate change policy

Guest post by Professor David Campbell, Lancaster University Law School. (First published in The Reporter: The Newsletter of the Society of Legal Scholars, Winter 2016.) An intriguing light is thrown on the implications of Brexit for domestic and transnational policy formulation by research into the way in which the 2°C target, now ‘adopted’ in Art … Continue reading

Fake News and Other Fakes

By TinyCO2 I was just watching Sunday’s The Big Questions, available on BBC iPlayer, a discussion of fake news and whether the internet should be regulated. First off I want to stress that there is fake news out there and the internet is responsible for some of it. So what? The key argument from Dan … Continue reading

The stakes could scarcely be higher

The following just came in on our email feed, under the pseudonym of Brad Keyes, in response to this bombshell from J. Delingpole. We felt you needed to hear it raw. — Thanks Danny. I did leave a comment conceding defeat in the war on climate change, congratulating climate change, expressing the hope for national … Continue reading

“Hypernormalisation – and why Heathrow plan is proof we exist in a catastrophic fantasyland”

This article was originally published on The Conversation. (Read the original article here.) We’re posting it at Cliscep on the off chance that there are people who would like to comment on the piece but for whatever reason are unable to at The Conversation.  Matthew Adams, University of Brighton The British government recently gave the green … Continue reading