The North Atlantic Drives Shifts in Global Climate

The North Atlantic Drives Shifts in Global Climate

  The GWPF has a fascinating paper published recently which is attracting much attention. The author: Anastasios Tsonis is distinguished professor of atmospheric sciences at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. He is also an adjunct research scientist with the Hydrologic Research Center in San Diego. It starts off talking about ENSO (El Nino/La Nina/Southern Oscillation) and … Continue reading

Honest climate scientist found

A few weeks ago, Al Gore made the untrue claim that “climate-related extreme weather events have grown far more numerous and far more destructive” in the time between his original film and the sequel. This claim was widely reported, by the BBC, the Guardian,┬áNews24, and in Gore’s Conversation with Mark Maslin. Since then, I’ve been … Continue reading

A Sock Puppet’s Challenge

  OK, so, all the hoo-hah and nonsense is dying down now over Michael Tobis, an ‘actual’ climate scientist, calling me a sock puppet on Twitter. He probably still thinks I don’t exist and he’s probably still searching for my ‘dirty dozen’ nefarious aliases on line. He still wants me to post a picture so … Continue reading