Kate hates debate

Kate Marvel is one of the new brand of climate evangelists, preaching a message of politics, emotion and rhetoric, who are helping to destroy the credibility of the field. She climbed aboard the climate gravy train from another field only about five years ago, but despite her lack of experience she’s frequently given high-profile platforms … Continue reading

The Neurobiology of Climate Change Denial

Much work has already been undertaken to establish the cognitive foundation for the irrationality of climate change denial. Of particular note are the studies undertaken by Lewandowsky, Kahneman, Shapiro and O’Conner, identifying the many cognitive biases that invalidate arguments put forward by those who profess scepticism in the face of the scientific evidence. However, it … Continue reading

Conversation Climate Conflict Climbdown

  One of the many questionable claims made by climate catastrophists is that climate change causes conflict.  See, for example, this report in the Independent, this one from Scientific American or these two articles from the Conversation, all trying to link climate change with violence and war. A year ago we reported on a talk given in Oxford … Continue reading