IPCC Chap.1: Verse 1: Commentary

This was going to be a comment on Jaime’s excellent article https://cliscep.com/2018/10/09/sr15-under-the-looking-glass-part-i-ipcc-claims-all-warming-is-now-anthropogenic/ but it got out of hand. Here are some quotes from the Executive Summary of Chapter 1 of the report, with comments: Depending on the temperature dataset considered, 20-40% of the global human population live in regions that, by the decade 2006-2015, had … Continue reading

About that “global heatwave”…

At the end of July, the alarmist media was shrieking hysterically about a “global heatwave”. 2018’s global heat wave is so pervasive it’s surprising scientists The global heat wave that’s been killing us The ‘Cause’ of the Deadly Global Heatwave Shocking Global Map Shows the Extent of a Global Heat Wave Global heatwave: Climate change … Continue reading

Nothing is caused by human activity

There are some aspects of the climate debate where the arguments taking place seem to be based on nothing at all, when you go back to first principles and try to start from the beginning. Tim Osborn started a long twitter debate by saying that sceptics “haven’t provided a credible explanation for observed warming”. Another … Continue reading