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Met Office Hadley Centre Celebrates 30 Years Of ‘Science Advocacy’

‘They think it’s all over; it is now’. After 30 long years of meticulous and dedicated research, the Met Office has kicked the doubters into the back of the net and proudly announces that: The first 30 yearsThe impacts of climate change are already evident both in the UK and worldwide, through rising temperatures, diminishing … Continue reading

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Climate Change Attribution – The Rapid Evolution of Uncertainty to Near Certainty in Consecutive IPCC Reports (Part I)

    This subject has undoubtedly been covered before by other people over the years but I think now is a very apt time to revisit the question of just how and why establishment climate science went so rapidly from not knowing if climate change was natural or not to claiming it was virtually all … Continue reading

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Boris The Red

Forget Brexit – if it ever happens. Boris Johnson’s new ‘Conservative’ government plans to take the UK into a new era of Big Government tax and spend predicated on a new found overarching existential concern for the environment unprecedented in its history. Forget the Industrial Revolution, The Tech Revolution and the Brexit Innovation Free Trade … Continue reading

One Last Poisonous Swipe at the UK from a Departing Disloyal and Discredited PM
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One Last Poisonous Swipe at the UK from a Departing Disloyal and Discredited PM

  Having failed miserably to render the United Kingdom as a colony of the EU via her white flag surrender treaty, aka the Withdrawal Agreement, Theresa May is now seemingly intent on securing her poisonous, destructive legacy by alternative means. According to the Financial Times, she intends to introduce legislation via a statutory instrument obliging … Continue reading

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Climate Change Committee Says Homes Should Be Heated 2C Below What Most People Find Comfortable

    In order to not save the world from supposedly dangerous anthropogenic global warming (because UK GHG emissions are tiny – and going downwards – in comparison to emissions from China and India, which are huge, and increasing), the UK climate change committee has recommended that householders set their central heating thermostat to 19C. … Continue reading