Mythbusting the Oil Libel

Mythbusting the Oil Libel

[This is a lazy, boilerplate response to the even lazier notion that Big Oil is behind climate skepticism. I’m sick of copying and pasting it for their edification. It’s a work in progress and some links are missing. —BK] Dear Oil Linkers, Your Logical Fallacy is: Boring Me. I know you think you’re smearing skeptics, … Continue reading

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Climate Change Committee Says Homes Should Be Heated 2C Below What Most People Find Comfortable

    In order to not save the world from supposedly dangerous anthropogenic global warming (because UK GHG emissions are tiny – and going downwards – in comparison to emissions from China and India, which are huge, and increasing), the UK climate change committee has recommended that householders set their central heating thermostat to 19C. … Continue reading