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Climate Change Attribution – The Rapid Evolution of Uncertainty to Near Certainty in Consecutive IPCC Reports (Part I)

    This subject has undoubtedly been covered before by other people over the years but I think now is a very apt time to revisit the question of just how and why establishment climate science went so rapidly from not knowing if climate change was natural or not to claiming it was virtually all … Continue reading


The Taming and Shaming of RCP8.5 – Climate Scientists Shrug Off Criticism And Carry On As Usual

    In an epic climbdown, following a long campaign by sceptics to point out the routine misuse of the RCP8.5 IPCC Representative Concentration Pathway – and particularly owing to the dogged and determined efforts of Roger Pielke Jr. – the alarmist main stream media has finally conceded that scientists wrongly applied this worst case … Continue reading

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Great Science’s Leap Forward

It’s not Mao’s Great Leap Forward, it’s the Leap Forward in Great Science, that being Climate Science. Warming signal links global floods and fires. Great science leaps forward by ⁦@FrediOtto⁩ ⁦@gjvoldenborgh⁩ and others have made link more certain than ever https://t.co/hfACSLn2h5 — Piers Forster (@piersforster) November 15, 2019 In view of the policy measures currently … Continue reading


Prediction: Climate Change Will Be Blamed For Making February Heatwave ‘X Times More Likely’.

    Carbon Brief summed up the media and scientific community’s response to the remarkable spell of summery weather the UK has just experienced when it was supposed to be winter (today is the first day of Spring and it’s much colder!). Reading between the lines, I would hazard to guess that within the next … Continue reading