Time To Twirl Our Mustachios

Many thanks to Susan Anderson, climate hysteric. Over at And Then There’s Physics she points us all to a statement by Michael Mann:

“Climategate, in hindsight, is very interesting, because it involved hacked emails, and Saudi Arabia and Russia were both involved. WikiLeaks and Julian Assange …

You were really on the vanguard of that whole thing.

In my recent book, The Madhouse Effect, we talk about what played out in the last presidential election. The assault on climate scientists, Climategate, was almost a training ground. It was the same actors and the same mission. Climategate was about trying to distract the public and the policymakers with a fake scandal going into the Copenhagen Summit [also known as the United Nations Climate Change Conference] in 2009, which was the first opportunity for meaningful progress on international climate policy in years.

A compelling case can be made that Russia’s involvement and Saudi Arabia’s potential involvement in the last [US] election was about a half-trillion-dollar oil deal between Russia and ExxonMobil that had been blocked because of the sanctions against Russia.

What’s the first thing that happened under the now-infamous Paul Manafort? They changed the Republican platform to try to get rid of those sanctions. Then Trump appointed Rex Tillerson, the former head of ExxonMobil, as Secretary of State. Is that a coincidence?

In the case of Climategate, there have now been the better part of a dozen investigations in the US and the UK, and they have all come to the conclusion there was no impropriety on the part of the scientists whose emails had been stolen. The only wrongdoing was the criminal theft of the emails in the first place.

The science that we are doing is a threat to the world’s most powerful and wealthiest special interests. The most powerful and wealthiest special interest that has ever existed: the fossil fuel industry.

They have used their immense resources to create fake scandals and to fund a global disinformation campaign aimed at vilifying the scientists, discrediting the science, and misleading the public and policymakers. Arguably, it is the most villainous act in the history of human civilisation, because it is about the short-term interests of a small number of plutocrats over the long-term welfare of this planet and the people who live on it.”

I take it we’re the bad guys.

As one of the co-authors of Climategate: The CRUTape Letters, I think it incumbent upon me to respond.

Ha-hahahahahahahha. Wotta bunch of BS. Where’s Stephan Lewandowsky when we need him–we got some conspiracist ideation on Aisle 4–we need a big mop. And some disinfectant.

The Climategate emails were leaked by one person at the Climate Research Unit at East Anglia University. They were sorted carefully. Personal emails were removed from the file. They were posted at several websites anonymously. One of those websites is co-hosted by Michael Mann–Real Climate. Real Climate passed around administrative access to the site like candy canes at a Christmas party. Including people at CRU.

Tillerson! Manafort! Hahahahahahaha!

If this level of thinking is representative of the brain power Mann brings to climate science, it explains a lot. A lot about checking the stats of your finding, discovering they don’t add up, and then not mentioning that you checked. In fact, lying about it. And then leaving the stat check on your website… Or inverting Tiljander proxies… and then claiming it doesn’t make a difference. Or predicting an expansion of the range of malaria… right before it is knocked into an ever-retreating refuge of the world’s poorest nations.

Maybe this lack of intelligence might have had something to do with the amazing tale told by an idiot involving a hockey stick…


  1. The Manniac actually said this with a straight face?
    What a pathetic self-parody of a complete loser.


  2. It must be very reassuring for Climate Scientists to note that none of the regulars at aTTP has pointed out that Susan Anderson has made false statements and assumptions.


  3. With the greatest respect, Thomas, I think an excellent opportunity has been missed here.
    Your comments would have been more appropriate at Real Climate, where the latest dissent-ridiculing wheeze is to discuss “oddball theories, tinfoil hat level conspiracies and other climate-related nonsense in the comments that would otherwise derail substantive discussion” in ‘The Crank Shaft’ [sic].
    A concise account of Mannic conspiracist ideation all in one spot might, as the article suggests, be of interest to future researchers.
    You’re not banned from commenting at RC, surely?

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  4. I’m looking forward very much to Mann’s theories appearing in Lewandowsky’s next piece about mad conspiracy theorists.


  5. I am confused (increasingly). Is Mann also going senile and is mixing up Climategate and Trump’s election? Is Mann really accusing Russia and Saudi Arabia of being involved in Climategate. It is true that before the emails were released, access through the CRU building became restricted, but we saw no-one in furry hats or keffiyehs lurking.

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  6. MIAB there is another part to this. Trump campaigned to (a) come out of the Paris Agreement and (b) authorise a major oil pipeline that Obama had blocked. In 2014 it was the rise in the US oil production that lead to the collapse in oil prices.
    Last year the USA overtook both Russia and Saudi Arabia to become the world’s largest oil producer. Forecasts are for US output to go on rising up to 2025.
    It is also becoming a major exporter of natural gas to Europe, with a port being built in Germany. This might upset the Russian dominance of gas supplies to Europe.
    BP reports that in 2017 volume of Russian coal production was 60% of the US, and gas production 85% of the US. But the IMF reports Russian GDP in 2018 to be 8% of the US ($1.6trn v 20.5trn). Russia is highly dependent on the sale fossil fuels, so its economic interests are more aligned to the Democrats who would like to stop further exploitation of fossil fuels in the US.

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  7. Alan Kendall, just because you didn’t see men in furry hats, doesn’t mean they weren’t there. This is one of the principles of Climate Science, and has been proved by Lewandowsky.

    It is the polar bears disguised with dark glasses you should watch out for. Just because you don’t identify them, doesn’t mean they haven’t spotted a free lunch.


  8. We really don’t know whether FOI, the Climategate hacker, was an insider or an outsider, but you make a very good case that it was an insider. The fact that we don’t know who he is, is also a point in favor of it being an insider. An outsider would be lauded as a hero by many, while an insider’s career would be over.


  9. A model was produced based on basic physics recreating the events of Climategate based upon our understanding of what happened. Results show that when component R was removed, representing Russian involvement, Climategate failed to occur, thus providing incontrovertible scientific evidence for the involvent of Russia in the Climategate incident.

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  10. Where’s Stephan Lewandowsky when we need him?

    Well, he’s here for a start, at “The Subterranean War on Science”:
    by Lewandowsky, Mann, Bauld, Hastings and Loftus, and also here:
    “Internet Blogs, Polar Bears, and Climate-Change Denial by Proxy” 
    By Harvey, van den Berg, Ellers, Kampen, Crowther, Roessingh, Verheggen, Nuijten, Post, Lewandowsky, Stirling, Balgopal, Amstrup and Mann.

    Neither seems to get the publicity, or the citations, that he used to, and maybe that’s why they tend to get together, as spiritual guides and father figures to up and coming youngsters, like a couple of ageing, half forgotten rock stars included on compilation albums to please their agents.

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  11. In fact, the lack of evidence of the Russo-Saud conspiracy is *proof* for the steel trap mind of Prof. Mann, Nobel Peace Prize Winner ©, savior of mannkind, world’s greatest hockey player, and all round cool guy.
    Polar Bears are missing, nearly extinct!
    And clearly Russians are the ones misusing and abusing those venerable gentle cola selling fuzzies. And Saudis love Polar Bear fur to line their keffiyahs when they go to cold London to rendevous with their big oil lackeys.
    In fact it was the Polar Bear fur that drew the Saudis and Russkies together, that and world domination.
    So once again Prof. Mann, like his mini-me proof who posts here from time to time, has managed to open new doors on the great conspiracy skeptics are engaged in.
    It is nearly as important as the conspiracy to fake the moon landing.
    But the moon hoax has had to be kept extra quiet since that other steel trap mind, friend of Mannkind, and all round cool professor, S. Lewandowsky busted that one after so much work.
    How fitting that two of the minds that show the true enlightenment and inspiration of the climate consensus have worked so hard to make certain we all clearly see their brilliant reasoning and sleuthing on full display.


  12. manns supposition probably stems from the fact that the mails were hosted on a russian proxy server and there were also breadcrumbs to a saudi server.

    Last i talked to tom years ago, i gave him my suspect and reasons. there is a pile of stuff you all missed. any way.

    however, after some more digging i have doubts, serious doubts about my sherlocking. i havent talked to tom about this.

    this isnt a slam dunk like gleick. Steve mc challenged one of my key bits of info and added another bit recently. i followed mr foia for a bit…crafty mf.

    NEITHER of the suspects has anything to do with russians or saudis, FFS. the individual who released the keys to cg III had moral and personal concerns and no practical way to address them. hence the data dump.

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  13. Hunterson7. You make a not unreasonable case (at 3:57 am) to significantly benefit humankind by conjoining the undoubted mega intellects of Mann and Lewandowski with a reverse-Siamese. Sceptics will melt away in the global warming that ensues.


  14. Mann, among others, is psychologically incapable of acknowledging that anybody may harbour personal and ethical concerns about the behaviour of climate scientists. As far as he is concerned, anyone exposing climate scientists behaving badly must be doing it for nefarious reasons, and that basically comes down to Big Oil, Big Gas, the Saudis and the Russians who don’t like the unquestionably objective science they’re doing.


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