Technocrate, Moi?

Technocrate, Moi?

My reasons for bringing up the current political unrest in France on this blog in articles here and here are simple: the tectonic plates of public opinion on climate change move slowly but inexorably. Identifying where the big quake will happen is of key importance. It might be in Australia or California or Germany. Suddenly, … Continue reading

Excuses, excuses

I know, I know, I promised to sorry let me catch my breath for a sec promised I’d write you a leng, a lengthy epistle days ago. And it’s not as. It’s. Not as if I’m unaware or anything like that, of my duty to blog. BEAT Rest assured: yes, with such a powerful voice … Continue reading

“I’ve just been made a baroness”

Ten years ago tomorrow (26 November, 2008) the Climate Change Bill gained royal assent and passed into law in the UK. Much has been written about the damage this ill-conceived piece of legislation has done and will do – Rupert Darwall pretty much covers it here. After sober consideration of the dire economic and societal … Continue reading

Carbon 1: Macron 0

Climate hysteria may be essentially a psychological phenomenon, but it has become central to politics in the Western world. Every political party has a climate policy, however vague, but fervently defended. As a political phenomenon, climate hysteria can only be defeated politically, and it becomes important to identify the country or countries where the first … Continue reading

Macron’s Climate Waterloo

The French are revolting. So what? Aren’t they always? Somewhere between a half a million and a million came out on the streets to demonstrate against Macron’s last reform, and the one before that, and the one before that. But that was the unions and the left wing parties, so no-one took any notice. This … Continue reading

Red Ken Supports Climate Hysteria

Ken Livingstone has an article on Climate Change at Russia Times. Russia Times is an on-line news source hated by the western establishment of left and right; Ken Livingstone is a retired leftwing British politician hated by the British political establishment of left and right. Ken was a popular and successful Labour Party leader of … Continue reading