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The Grandest of Climate Conspiracies, Uncovered By The Intrepid Efforts of ‘And Then There’s Physics’

  How would you feel if a meteor was hurtling towards our planet and the astronomers decided not to tell us? Tom Wigley is a respected climate scientist and a staunch supporter of the consensus. “He was named a fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) for his major contributions to climate and carbon cycle modeling and … Continue reading

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Opinions are like Prosthetic Anal Sphincters: Everyone can be fitted with One

Via, here’s an extract from this article from the American Institute for Economic Research: That Fake Poll on the Green New Deal Over 80 percent of American voters support the Green New Deal, or so claim its backers citing a recent survey by a group of academic pollsters. Furthermore, this public endorsement is supposedly bipartisan, with … Continue reading