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Invasion of the Transphobic Climate Deniers

  We’ve discussed here the views of Jordan Peterson (on climate activism, among other things) and I’ve been developing a healthy paranoia about Cambridge University, where professors of history and computery stuff are involved in an international five year plan to get climate scepticism recognised as an official conspiracy theory, alongside invasions of aliens (the … Continue reading

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Opinions are like Prosthetic Anal Sphincters: Everyone can be fitted with One

Via, here’s an extract from this article from the American Institute for Economic Research: That Fake Poll on the Green New Deal Over 80 percent of American voters support the Green New Deal, or so claim its backers citing a recent survey by a group of academic pollsters. Furthermore, this public endorsement is supposedly bipartisan, with … Continue reading

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The Great Climate Conspiracy Theory Conspiracy Theory

I’m currently reading “Conspiracy Theories and the People who Believe Them” edited by Professor Joseph Uscinski. There are thirty one chapters in the book, six of which appear to mention climate change conspiracy (I can’t be sure of the exact number until I’ve read the whole book.) Professor Lewandowsky has a chapter to himself, recounting the … Continue reading


Genetically Modified Journalism

Ever wondered where grubby old Guardian environmental editors go to pupate? James Randerson was the Guardian’s science correspondent and then environment editor for 10 years He’s now news editor at Politico (Europe), a very attractive, well-presented, well-informed on-line news source committed to selling us the Euro-kool Aid. At the Guardian, Randerson was responsible for their … Continue reading