Browsing through the BBC website with a lantern in daylight, looking for enlightenment, I came across this article:

‘Missing’ man joins search party looking for himself

A missing man in Turkey accidentally joined his own search party for hours before realising he was the person they were looking for. He had been drinking with friends when he wandered into a forest. When he failed to return, his wife and friends alerted local authorities and a search party was sent out. He then stumbled across the search party and decided to join them. But when members of the search party began calling out his name, he replied: “I am here.”

Strangely enough, on the same page was a story about how almost exactly the same thing happened to our Prime Minister addressing young climate activists in Milan:

Climate change: Youth have ‘every right to be angry’ says UK PM

The UK prime minister told climate activists in Milan that they were paying the price for the “reckless actions of their elders.”

“Hundreds of millions of you are facing rising seas, failing crops, burning forests, and evermore ferocious storms, daily challenges that lead to lost opportunity. And your future is literally being stolen before your eyes,” He said. “I saw the protesters earlier on. And frankly, you have every right to be angry with those who aren’t doing enough to stop it.”

He then promised to end the use of petrol and diesel cars, and plant “trillions of trees” before turning himself in to the men in white coats.


  1. Perhaps not the men in white coats, but I suspect the men in grey suits will be coming for Boris before the next general election, to tell him it’s time to go.

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  2. Mark, I think it could be sooner than that if energy prices don’t settle down soon. With gas prices over 5 times those in the US, how much heavy industry will keep going?


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