Climate skepticism is a phenomenon that sort of got its start and flourished over the last couple of decades on blogs, much to the chagrin of high tech adherents of the global warming movement. Most of these blogs are still here and they’re still great, but a lot of the discussion has moved over to Twitter and most climate figures (on both sides) have a presence there. The latest trend I’ve noticed is that a lot of prominent figures in the fields of climate and energy are offering podcasts. Many have Zoom interviews on YouTube.

Since 2008, The Heartland Institute has been offering almost daily podcasts on climate, energy and various free market type topics. Most of them are discussion groups with a circle of regulars and guests. Frequent contributors are Marc Morano and Steve Milloy. A Climate round table usually includes Anthony Watts. There’s always lots of fun banter. They have an excellent weekly book feature called Ill Literacy with Tim Benson.

One of the newest podcasts is by Tom Nelson. Every few days he seems to find some climate person that I’ve heard of and have a zoom interview. Some of his recent guests are Barry Woods, Ben Pile, Roger Tattersal and Susan Crockford. He’s a very engaging host. He recently accomplished something that really astounded me — he had a cordial debate with Gerald Kutney! Kutney is a guy in the biomass business who goes on Twitter threads with the hashtag #ClimateBrawl and starts flinging bland insults from a short stock list. I have to give him grudging praise for doing this debate. It’s a must see!


  1. Mike,

    Thanks for the information. Some sensible and familiar names there. But Heartland Institute? What are you? Some sort of evil denier? If you’re not careful you’ll find your name in the DeSmog Hall of Shame, guilty by association.

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