Today is our sixth birthday. Here, with reverse chronology set to annoying, are all the Cliscep posts that attracted at least a hundred comments. I’m not saying they’re the best posts but, as system admin and interested lurker, I think it’s an interesting metric to track.

Nice to see Brad Keyes, the current record holder, commenting earlier today!

Geoff Chambers 16 Mar 21 Lockdown Ferguson on What I Got Wrong (Part Two) 100
Jaime Jessop 25 Dec 20 Examining The Science And The Possible Origin of The ‘New Strain’ Of Covid-19 385
Richard Drake 6 Dec 20 Despair 225
Richard Drake 3 Dec 20 Provocation 117
Richard Drake 1 Nov 20 Don’t tell him, Pike! 180
John Ridgway 27 Oct 20 The Curious Incident of the Test that was Negative in the Night Time 162
Richard Drake 20 Oct 20 Bikeshedding and Baloney – Trump Edition 185
Geoff Chambers 13 Oct 20 OFCOM’s Bonkers Covid-19 Survey 148
Richard Drake 13 Sep 20 Climate, Covid, Brexit, Peace Prize 207
John Ridgway 29 Aug 20 No-one Does Wrong Quite Like Lewandowsky 154
Jaime Jessop 2 Jul 20 Covid & Climate Contrarianism: Two Sides Of The Same Coin 153
Richard Drake 10 May 20 Covid/climate open thread 413
Jaime Jessop 19 Apr 20 Modelling Catastrophe In A Climate Of Fear 234
Geoff Chambers 10 Apr 20 Have We Won? 135
Geoff Chambers 15 Mar 20 Don’t Just Run the Country – Do Something! 166
Paul Matthews 24 Feb 20 The Cost of Net Zero 110
Jaime Jessop 9 Feb 20 Boris The Red 130
Jaime Jessop 10 Nov 19 Laying To Rest The Ghost Of Climategate 131
Geoff Chambers 5 Sep 19 Dominic Cummings: the Brexit Connexion 169
Paul Matthews 30 Jun 19 Climate scientists fiddling the data again and again and again and again 102
Richard Drake 8 Mar 19 Educating Greta 101
Geoff Chambers 3 Aug 18 Rupert and the Mystery Denier 103
Geoff Chambers 10 Apr 18 Brandon Shollenberger to Steve McIntyre 210
Ian Woolley 17 Jan 18 An invitation to Jordan B Peterson 168
Geoff Chambers 12 Jan 18 Letter to Oxford University Press 121
Jaime Jessop 5 Jan 18 Move On Over Mr Polar Bear, Corals are Now The New Poster Child of Global Warming Alarmism 117
Scepticus 14 Dec 17 Polar bear attack paper invalidated by non-independent analysis 166
Paul Matthews 8 Dec 17 Friday Funny: Hayhoe talks to Marshall 156
Tom Fuller 1 Dec 17 Climate Scientists Harassing Women (asexually, of course)–Again–Matt Lauer, Meet Michael Mann 203
Scepticus 29 Nov 17 Climate Updates from The Royal Society (AKA The Alarmists’ Inventive Inventory of More Bad News) 131
Jaime Jessop 15 Nov 17 The Damning Evidence that the Russians Hacked the Brexit Vote 151
Scepticus 4 Oct 17 Winning! Not winning! 126
Jaime Jessop 21 Aug 17 A Sock Puppet’s Challenge 182
Jaime Jessop 16 Aug 17 ‘Actual’ Climate Scientist Michael Tobis Thinks I Don’t Exist 198
Paul Matthews 21 Jul 17 Pielke on “Manichean paranoia” 103
Tom Fuller 7 Jul 17 Is it Red Team/Blue Team or Red State/Blue State? 120
Brad Keyes 19 May 17 SICK! Butchering little kids to save the planet 130
Geoff Chambers 28 Apr 17 Correlation Between Emissions and Warming in the Central England Temperature Series 114
Tom Fuller 23 Apr 17 What We Could Have Said At a March For Science 102
Paul Matthews 16 Mar 17 Climate spending cut in Trump’s budget 107
Ian Woolley 3 Mar 17 Environmentalism in action 158
Geoff Chambers 24 Jan 17 Message to Katherine Hayhoe 119
Danny Weston 20 Jan 17 Trump, Brexit and Climate Change: Silencing ‘The Mob’ 133
Paul Matthews 6 Jan 17 A day of politics at Nature 400
Paul Matthews 9 Dec 16 Doug McNeall on climate scicomm 155
Brad Keyes 28 Nov 16 CliScepGate 2.0 318
Paul Matthews 14 Oct 16 Richard Tol on the Climate Debate 146
Brad Keyes 31 Aug 16 We’ve hit the big time! 439
Scepticus 21 Aug 16 Lewandowsky and Mann in Psycho Pen 117
Geoff Chambers 1 Aug 16 LED into the Heart of Darkness 369
Jaime Jessop 12 May 16 New Paper on Climate Sensitivity Supports Low (≈1C) Estimates 107
Jaime Jessop 6 May 16 The Unbearable Politeness of Being [a man-made climate change sceptic] 160
Scepticus -> TinyCO2 4 May 16 It isn’t a yes or no answer, it’s about how much 118
Brad Keyes 1 May 16 To whom it may appall 133
Brad Keyes 19 Apr 16 Dog Bites Man: Climate Careerist in Bald-faced Lie Shocka! 144
Paul Matthews -> Clive James 18 Mar 16 Imminent Catastrophe 127
John Shade 17 Feb 16 The Delingpole Conjectures: are they plausible, do they matter? 177
Scepticus -> Tim Hunter 1 Nov 15 Some thoughts on “Climate Change is Real, and Important” 102
Ian Woolley 19 Oct 15 WATCH: A conversation between lay persons 384


  1. A useful reminder there of what this site owes to past contributors, and of some very interesting articles in the past. I wonder if it might be an idea to resurrect, maybe once a month, an article from the past, and give it some prominence? (I know they are all readily accessible, but I’m guessing many people concentrate on recent articles and comments). Given the quality of much that has appeared here in the last 6 years, I’d like to think it would be of interest to recent visitors.

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  2. Having decided that it was my duty to report the quantum of global warming that has transpired during the period of Cliscep’s machinations, I attach a plot of the last 6 years’ lower tropospheric temperature as reported by UAH, May 2015 – May 2021. The opening value was +0.14 K (the baseline is now 1991-2020).
    +0.08 K, for a net global warming over the 6 years of -0.06 K, or -0.01 K/yr. At this rate, at the centenary, etc, etc

    (Apologies for the garish colour scheme; having realised that I was not restricted to black and white, I tried to get into the party spirit, and failed.)

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  3. A spectacular mountain range of averaged data, signifying not much. What if we were celebrating our first anniversary, would/should we have worried?
    Actually I like the use of high-confidence colour, but why advertise blueberries?


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