So, here we are a couple of days later and the toxic fallout dust is settling from Trump’s momentous, earth-shattering decision to drop the Mother of all Bombs on the Paris Climate Community, joining those two other well known ‘rogue climate states’, Nicaragua and Syria, in #Clexile

World leaders literally queued around the block for hours in order to publicly condemn him. It was a hot climate-changed day in some places  and I’m sure tempers must have frayed considerably. Our own PM seemed cool as a cucumber though: Mrs May merely said she was ‘disappointed’ with Trump’s decision and henceforth a minor secondary queue of (climato)logically challenged British politicians formed straight away in order to condemn her for not condemning Trump enough.

The queues have now dispersed and politicians have gone back to their usual daily routine of bickering, back-stabbing, lying  and fighting elections on false promises. They got their five minutes of fame denouncing the planet-destroying Denier-in-Chief-encumbent-of-the White House; and boy, did they make use of it!

Monsieur Macron-by-name-Micron-by-nature got off to a flying head start:

I wish to tell the United States; France believes in you. The world believes in you. I know that you are a great nation. I know your history – our common history.

To all scientists, engineers, entrepreneurs, responsible citizens and committed citizens who were disappointed by the decision of the President of the United States, I want say to say that they will find in France a second homeland.

I call on them: ‘Come here with us to work together on concrete solutions for our climate’. Our environment. I can assure you that France will not give up the fight.

Wherever we live, wherever we are, we all share the same responsibility: Make our planet great again.

I would suggest if he wants to make the planet really great again, then he harvests as many geneticists and bio-sciences people from America as he can and forgets about the climate lot. That way, he can re-introduce the dinosaurs and the planet will be ready-made nice and hot and steamy for them in just a few short years, with no ice at the poles and plenty of swampy tepid water for them to hang about in. Because, as we all know, the planet has never been quite so great as it was before that pesky meteorite struck 66 million years ago.

Merkel’s contribution was rather more religio-eschatological with a dash of dog-whistle Fascism thrown in. She said of Trump’s decision that it was:

extremely regrettable, and that’s putting it mildly.

We need this Paris agreement to protect creation and nothing can or will hold us back.

Meaning of course that Trump will eventually be damned to Hell for all eternity for imperilling Creation but that, in the interim, Creation’s earthly protectors will ensure that nothing stands in the way of them saving Earth from the Arch Denier and his demonic Republican host. So there you have it, in addition to making sure she destroys European  culture and civilisation, Merkel fully intends to see through ze Climate Zeitgeist to ze bitter end.

Looking at all the extreme reactions to Trump abandoning Paris, you might get the impression that the actual agreement was a big deal, and you might be right, or you might be wrong. Looking at reactions around the world,  you might get the impression that the Paris climate accord was in mortal danger following the departure of the world’s leading economy, but then you might not. You might have thought that, as the future of humanity rests upon a legally non-binding, essentially toothless and in all probability climatologically useless, international agreement, in order to keep the Yanks on board, it might be open to renegotiation. NO! Not on your Nelly. Schroedinger’s Climate Agreement, Dead/Alive, Imperative/Useless, Big Deal/No Big Deal, stands, immutable and non-renegotiable, testament to an unstinting resolve to save Mother Earth from her own fossil fuel reserves/testament to the unstinting resolve of Marxists to free humanity from the trappings of its own wealth.

We deem the momentum generated in Paris in December 2015 irreversible, and we firmly believe that the Paris agreement cannot be renegotiated, since it is a vital instrument for our planet, societies and economies,

the leaders of Germany, Italy and France said in a rare joint statement.





  1. America’s clostracism from the cloistered and claustrophiliac Conclave of Carbo-cardinals finally has a name: Clexile.

    Bingo sticks down, everyone—the winner is Jaime.


  2. I notice that within the June 1st UNFCCC Statement on the US Decision to Withdraw from the Paris Agreement is the sentence “The Paris Agreement remains a historic TREATY signed by 195 Parties and ratified by 146 countries plus the European Union. Therefore it cannot be renegotiated based on the request of a single Party.”
    When did it become a treaty? For the USA a treaty must be ratified by the Senate, which it has not been. Thus the USA is not a signatory to a treaty and should be perfectly able to continue negotiation, not just renegotiate.
    Also why all the fuss if the USA is only to be considered to be “a single Party”?

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  3. Alan you are so last century with your fixation on procedures, processes and legalities. Damn it, the climate is at stake because Trump pulled out of a treaty that the US had not signed and the planet is obviously at a tipping point. Elon Musk says so and he, along with Goldman Sachs, are the ones who know.


  4. Right on, Jaime!

    P.S. I really appreciated the link to the UNFCCC’s pompous, self-serving, word-salad ‘cuz for some totally unfathomable reason I’ve been blocked from viewing their droppings … oops, sorry … their tweets!


  5. Man in a barrel. I am not offended one iota by being called last century. My comment reflected the legaleze being employed by the UNFCCC. Fight fire with fire I say. My hope now is that Poland and Hungary will follow Trump’s lead and the whole sorry mess begins to unravel.


  6. On the same day POTUS announced US withdrawal from Paris accord, a majority of Exxon Mobil shareholders approved a resolution asking management to assess the value of corporate assets considering a global move toward a low-carbon future.

    Here is the cascade of suppositions on which the resolution is based:

    Supposition 1: A 2C global warming target is internationally agreed.
    Supposition 2: Carbon Restrictions are enacted by governments to comply with the target.
    Supposition 3: Demand for oil and gas products is reduced due to restrictions
    Supposition 4: Oil and gas assets become uneconomic for lack of demand.
    Supposition 5: Company net worth declines by depressed assets and investors lose value.

    You can see how much they rely on Paris to be something it is not.

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  7. For those searching for a scapegoat for the USA leaving, the real architect of this outcome is Barack Hussein Obama, who negotiated an international agreement and then didn’t submit it to the Senate for ratification so it could have legal force in the USA. He didn’t submit it because it would have suffered a crushing defeat. So, Obama could do his virtue signaling in the climate sphere while actually having done absolutely nothing that had any legal force. He was counting on Hillary winning. The Paris accord has never been popular in the US and many of Obama’s “environmental” initiatives were even less so.


  8. ALAN KENDALL (04 Jun 17 at 3:42 pm) quotes from the UNFCCC statement: “The Paris Agreement remains a historic TREATY signed by 195 Parties and ratified by 146 countries plus the European Union…” revealing one of the aspects of the treaty which everyone knows except the journalists and politicians and green activists who have been spouting non-stop about the Paris Accord for the past three days.

    Britain hasn’t signed the treaty. And neither has France or Germany. The EU has signed it, but in two years that won’t be any business of ours. Poland and some other countries were rather hoping that Britain’s legally binding determination to overshoot the EU’s promises would allow them to go on using naughty coal to finance their development. France has so much carbon-free nuclear that the only way they can reduce their carbon footprint significantly is to ban the petrol engine, which they’re hoping to do by about 2040.

    It’s all so mad you just don’t know where to start, which was probably the feeling that drove Schröedinger’s cat to suicide. Or not.

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  9. Accord-ing to the normal unreliable sources it’s dead or alive. Do I know which? Not a cat’s chance in catastrophe.

    The EU being signatory to this dreck makes one realise why the panic about Brexit goes so deep.

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  10. Alan Kendall: “My hope now is that Poland and Hungary will follow Trump’s lead and the whole sorry mess begins to unravel.”

    Poland maybe, Hungary? not at the moment:

    “As regards the climate agreement, the situation is that it wasn’t signed by the current US President, but the previous one, and the incumbent has decided to withdraw from it. I’m still in a state of shock, and so in Hungary, Shock.

    There is a consensus in Hungary – and I myself am part of it – that climate change is real: it’s not invented, it’s a reality. And there’s also a consensus that it’s dangerous. This is not a routine geoscientific occurrence, but something dangerous. And as we see that it’s a global phenomenon, the action we take to combat it – or the measures adopted to avoid its consequences – must also be global.”


  11. The spiel so far is 197 countries support the Paris deal,—and-us-may-next/102360164/

    Figueres now says 125 are committed to it, no more mention of the 197:

    “Figueres Says 125 Governments Remain Committed to Accord:”

    Former UN Climate Change Head and “Global Covenant of Mayors for Climate & Energy” Vice Chair Christiana Figueres discusses the U.S. pulling out of the Paris accord and what it means for renewables….

    Note her new job!


  12. The Paris Accord was going to trap the US and other countries by means is Court rulings. Obama loves to distract and the idea that Paris was just a voluntary thing was a huge distraction. I think the redoubled effort of the slow motion coup is in no small part due to Trump’s daring to point out that yet another Obama initiative is actually damaging to the US and the world.


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