The IPCC congratulates itself

For four days this week, March 13 – 16, the IPCC has been congratulating itself on its 30th birthday, in a lavish celebration in Paris. Apparently the premises were beautiful and the hospitality generous. A number of deep scientific insights were provided at the meeting, such as “We must put climate solutions in the context … Continue reading

Another sceptic in the White House

Donald Trump has fired Rex Tillerson as Secretary of State, and appointed Mike Pompeo, formerly the head of the CIA. Pompeo has a background in the army and in industry, and entered politics in 2010 as Congressman for Kansas. Apparently he is opposed to the Paris Agreement and to wind power.   He said that Obama’s suggestion … Continue reading

Gruppengedank des Tages: Zweiter Teil

Gruppengedank des Tages: Zweiter Teil

When you think of the world’s premier upcoming sym­posium for groupscience and the Climate and Consensual Sciences, you probably think of VienCircSciConCommConSciCon2018. Those in the know-who may even think of WienerSchaft18. Whatever you prefer to call it, here are a few more highlights from this year’s program. (Remember, the one I illegally stole / serendipitously … Continue reading

Oxford University Press Lies and Lies Again

OUP have finally replied to my complaint about the Uscinski Douglas Lewandowsky article at the Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Climate Science as follows: Dear Mr. Chambers, I’m writing in regard to your request that Oxford University Press withdraw the article “Climate Change Conspiracy Theories” from the Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Climate Science. Thank you for … Continue reading