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Macron’s Energy Transition

The Anglo Saxon media continue to give a strangely muted coverage to the French Yellow Vest protests. A burning barricade by night with the cathedral of Notre Dame in the background looks impressive for five seconds on the evening news, but – violent protests in France – so what? Last Saturday a retired champion boxer … Continue reading

The Snowman from Hell

We’ve come to believe that climate science is a bit of an aberration, and that science journalism is likewise a rare perversion of what news reporting is supposed to be about. Elsewhere in the academic world, we imagine, scientists are still pursuing knowledge for its own sake, ever ready to admit their errors and own … Continue reading

The Uncle At The Holiday Dinner Table–And A Get Out Of Jail Free Card

The transition to cranky uncle-hood was rapid and startling. My family and friends at first seemed to accept my lukewarmer status–someone who accepts the science underpinning our understanding of climate change but is skeptical of the more alarmed pronouncements issuing forth from NGOs, politicians and their adherents in the press and blogosphere. But after the … Continue reading

My Year As A Believer, Part 5

WHICH, like everything else, brings us ineluctably back to climate change. We’d decided early on to raise the baby in our beliefs. Later, if Hunter chose to abandon the science as an informed adult, we’d respect that mistake. We might not love him or her quite as much—can anything really restore the filial bond after … Continue reading

Venerable CliScis Fire Off Shots in Rapid Response to GWPF ‘Contrarian Pseudo-Rebuttal’: Shoot Themselves in Feet

    Eminent Meteorology Professor J. Ray Bates has written a paper for the GWPF about the discrepancies between the scientific case for climate change concern set out in AR5 WG1 and the more urgent, quite obviously politically motivated, less robustly evidenced climate alarmism in SR15. It’s a fairly long paper. I intend to concentrate … Continue reading