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Lew Flushed with Success

Professor Lewandowsky has been quiet on the climate front for a couple of years now. (I’ll come back to this at the end of the article.) But media coverage of the Royal Society gold-medal-winning professor has been picking up due to a new interest of his – Donald Trump. His current area of research has been mentioned recently by Paul Rosenberg at … Continue reading


“Uggianaqtuq. We’re Going Climate Bonkers:” – Guardian

The Guardian has no less than three articles out this week claiming that climate change is driving us doo-lally, with headlines like: “Mental health at the heart of the climate crisis”  “Ecological grief” and “How the climate emergency could lead to a mental health crisis” The articles report “increasing social anxiety and trauma… connected to the climate crisis,”“unprecedented levels … Continue reading

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One Day Heatwave at Cambridge Botanical Gardens Made 20 Times More Likely By Climate Change, Experts Say

    I’ve already covered the attribution study recently rushed out by scientists with regard to the very hot spell of weather in June. Now most of those same scientists have published a second attribution study which focuses on the 3 or 4 very hot days in northern France and Europe and the one very … Continue reading


Hockey Stick Groundhog Day

Some ancient history Fifteen to twenty years ago, Michael Mann and colleagues wrote a few papers claiming that current warming was unprecedented over the last 600 to 2000 years.  Other climate scientists described Mann’s work variously as crap, pathetic, sloppy, and crap.  These papers caught the interest of Stephen McIntyre and this led to the … Continue reading


1947: An Anti-Hysterical Perspective On Modern European Heatwaves

  2003. 2018 and now 2019: very hot (record-breakingly hot) conditions affect parts of central and northern Europe, with 2003 being by far the most significant and prolonged event. Cue, climate change hysteria from the warmist media, whacko climate crisis obsessed eco-loonies and AGW-biased scientists in search of research grants, prestige and a ‘noble cause’ … Continue reading