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Climate Sexism Works Both Ways

In Twitterland, you get to see Human Nature, red in both tooth and varnished fingernail. So I thought I would post this brief, timely reminder that naked sexism, as manifest in the Naked Ape, is still alive and well – and it cuts both ways. Firstly, a familiar figure – Sarah Myhre, meteorologist Cliff Mass’s … Continue reading

How to Crash the Earth

On December 28th, 1978, a DC8 flying into Portland Oregon from New York City (United Airlines flight 173) was on final approach, when a cockpit light indicated that there was a nose-gear problem. The crew needed time to investigate, so the captain put the plane into an emergency holding pattern. As he did so, the … Continue reading

Kate hates debate

Kate Marvel is one of the new brand of climate evangelists, preaching a message of politics, emotion and rhetoric, who are helping to destroy the credibility of the field. She climbed aboard the climate gravy train from another field only about five years ago, but despite her lack of experience she’s frequently given high-profile platforms … Continue reading

The Neurobiology of Climate Change Denial

Much work has already been undertaken to establish the cognitive foundation for the irrationality of climate change denial. Of particular note are the studies undertaken by Lewandowsky, Kahneman, Shapiro and O’Conner, identifying the many cognitive biases that invalidate arguments put forward by those who profess scepticism in the face of the scientific evidence. However, it … Continue reading

Candace Owens did nothing wrong

Joe Rogan is great. His epic encounter with Bret Weinstein and Jordan Peterson is the sort of thing that used to be on late night British television in the eighties: a three-hour long, free and open, meandering tour of his guest’s thoughts and insights on a range of topics, brilliantly shepherded by a host seemingly … Continue reading

Met Office and the BBC Spin May 2018 as ‘Hottest Since Records Began’

  The Met Office tweeted this yesterday: Spring started very cold ❄️but ended with provisionally one of the warmest and sunniest May's on record ☀️🌡️ Our latest seasonal summary has all the high's and low's of Spring 2018 – — Met Office (@metoffice) June 1, 2018 The BBC quickly jumped on the warmist good … Continue reading