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On Madness, Method and Mushrooms

Kelvin Hall, from Stroud, Gloucestershire, offers psychotherapy that embraces the intervention of other-than-human life in both content and process; this includes equine-assisted work. He has twenty-six years in the business and is a student of ‘natural and classical’ horsemanship. He is immersed in the British countryside. Emma Palmer, from Bristol, is an embodied-relational therapist, wild therapist, … Continue reading

About that “global heatwave”…

At the end of July, the alarmist media was shrieking hysterically about a “global heatwave”. 2018’s global heat wave is so pervasive it’s surprising scientists The global heat wave that’s been killing us The ‘Cause’ of the Deadly Global Heatwave Shocking Global Map Shows the Extent of a Global Heat Wave Global heatwave: Climate change … Continue reading

August climateballs

Another round-up of some of the latest climate silliness – some stories that are worth commenting on but don’t really merit a full post on their own. Mr Hulot resigns The clueless French environment minister, appropriately named Mr Hulot, has resigned, see AFP report and Climate Home. Apparently he announced his resignation live on radio … Continue reading

Up Lewandowsky’s Memory Hole without a Paddle

Here we are, with the unlimited resources of the Fossil Fuel Lobby, and we haven’t even noticed (at least, I hadn’t) what Professor Lewandowsky has been up to: (apologies to anyone who may have already blogged on this) Welcome back to April 24, 2018Stephan LewandowskyStephan Lewandowsky The blog experienced unexpected and unresolvable … Continue reading

What is the sound of one hand hand-wringing?

One of my favourite lines in anything I’ve ever read about politics is possibly an apocryphal attribution to Voltaire. On being told that, ‘life is hard’, Voltaire is said to have replied, ‘compared to what?’. Comparison is essential to all humanist thinking – thinking that puts humans, rather than gods and monsters, at the centre … Continue reading

Thinking – Is it Overrated?

In a quiet and private room, somewhere in the northeast of England, an earnest debate was taking place. “I do understand that the human mind is the stage for a complex interplay between thought and emotion, in which it can be nigh on impossible to determine which comes first,” opined the old man. “Oh no!” … Continue reading

Nothing is caused by human activity

There are some aspects of the climate debate where the arguments taking place seem to be based on nothing at all, when you go back to first principles and try to start from the beginning. Tim Osborn started a long twitter debate by saying that sceptics “haven’t provided a credible explanation for observed warming”. Another … Continue reading