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Tory energy policy

Theresa May launched the Conservative’s election manifesto today. Here’s the page relevant to energy policy (click for bigger version): Here are some of the key points: We want to make sure that the cost of energy in Britain is internationally competitive, both for businesses and households We will therefore commission an independent review into the … Continue reading

Climate – conflict link debunked

The Oxford Martin School hosted a talk yesterday, “Climate violence?” presented by Professor Clionadh Raleigh from the University of Sussex. There is an introduction to her talk here, and the whole thing is available on YouTube: Andrew Montford (now Deputy Director of GWPF) has a report on the talk. The talk is about 35 minutes long … Continue reading

Correlation Between Emissions and Warming in the Central England Temperature Series

    This article by Jamal Munshi challenges the whole theory of AGW in the most radical way imaginable. From the Abstract: A comprehensive detrended correlation analysis of the daily mean Central England Temperature (CET) series for each calendar month against fossil fuel emissions for the 245-year study period 1772-2016 is presented. Time scales of … Continue reading

Red herrings in the desert

Red herrings in the desert

By Tim Hunter I grew up with David Attenborough. His programmes inspired awe, wonder and a thirst for knowledge. But now I find myself despairing every time a new programme is released as the underlying message that runs through every programme has become dogmatic and unscientific. However, I do try to watch with my 12 … Continue reading