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Black Propaganda

Of the 28 experts interviewed in the BBC programme “Climate Change .. the Facts,” there was just one journalist, Richard Black, ex-BBC environmental correspondent and director and founder of the Energy & Climate Intelligence Unit. He appears nine times in “..The Facts.” Black’s contributions add nothing to the argument, but essentially provide link material. He introduces … Continue reading


Fossil-Foolish at the BBC

Overheard on the BBC News Channel’s “Beyond 100 Days” programme yesterday (h/t Pablo at Paul Homewood’s blog): *     *     * Christian Fraser: You know, yesterday I was on the south coast in Brighton, Katty, and I was looking out to sea at the wind turbines which were turning at quite a rate of knots yesterday … Continue reading

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Climate Change Officially Relegated To Second Division – Now Just “one of the greatest threats that face humankind”

  The BBC has just reported on the newly published Summary for Policy Makers of the as yet unpublished UN 1800 page global assessment of nature compiled by the Intergovernmental Science-Policy Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (IPBES). The two day old ‘climate crisis’, so recently [not] declared by the British government has already been … Continue reading

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Climate Change Committee Says Homes Should Be Heated 2C Below What Most People Find Comfortable

    In order to not save the world from supposedly dangerous anthropogenic global warming (because UK GHG emissions are tiny – and going downwards – in comparison to emissions from China and India, which are huge, and increasing), the UK climate change committee has recommended that householders set their central heating thermostat to 19C. … Continue reading