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Beware Greens Exploiting Hurricanes

Beware Greens Exploiting Hurricanes

Ben Pile has an article up at Spiked: When Hurricane Harvey landed on Texas, it marked the end of a 12-year lull in major hurricanes hitting the US. This period – which also featured a long ‘hiatus’ in global warming, the failure of ice-free Arctic predictions and the growth of polar-bear populations – had long … Continue reading

Honest climate scientist found

A few weeks ago, Al Gore made the untrue claim that “climate-related extreme weather events have grown far more numerous and far more destructive” in the time between his original film and the sequel. This claim was widely reported, by the BBC, the Guardian, News24, and in Gore’s Conversation with Mark Maslin. Since then, I’ve been … Continue reading

Heat the Rich (0.1): My Millionaires

My first two articles in a series “Heat the Rich” were suddenly given relevance by Hurricane Irma. The first one, “Heat the Rich (0)” because it brought to light the thinking of an eccentric 19th century sociologist on the primitive habit of attributing sentience to impressive catastrophic phenomena, a habit which can be observed live … Continue reading