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Move On Over Mr Polar Bear, Corals are Now The New Poster Child of Global Warming Alarmism

    The day has come. Scientists are heartbroken. Corals are as good as dead. RIP beautiful coral reefs. (sniff, sniff, *reaches for Kleenex*) For decades, marine scientists have been warning us this day would come. A new study out this week amounts to a “death warrant for coral reefs as we know them.” — … Continue reading

New Year Climateballs

New Year Climateballs

The first of an occasional series. For the benefit of non-UK readers, “Climateballs” is a homage to the great late British sports commentator David Coleman who was legendary for his “Colemanballs” –  lines such as “If that had gone in, it would have been a goal.” The term was coined by Private Eye magazine and … Continue reading

…The Second Time as Farce

The key learning from Climategate was that a group of scientists who collaborated closely together, co-authoring papers and reviewing each others’ work created a toxic environment for science. They agreed on the principal points of the theory they were advancing–that temperatures hadn’t been as warm as today for a thousand years, that the signature of … Continue reading