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Slaving away for human rights

From Spectator Australia – click here. Tony Thomas Tony Thomas 26 October 2019 Mauritania in north-west Africa isn’t really a beacon of human rights. Of the 4.5m population, 500,000 are slaves. Regardless, the UN General Assembly last week installed the military-run Mauritania onto the Human Rights Council (HRC) with 172 votes out of 193 in … Continue reading


Tiny Beetle Named after Climate Activist Greta Thunberg

Named and shamed, as it were. According to the Guardian article : A tiny species of beetle discovered more than 50 years ago has been named after environmental campaigner Greta Thunberg. Scientists at the Natural History Museum in London have officially called the insect Nelloptodes Gretae to honour the 16-year-old Swedish activist’s “outstanding contribution” in raising global awareness of … Continue reading


Who Needs Science?

Watching the earnest tomfoolery of Extinction Rebellion (everyone’s favourite planetary rescue squad) whilst listening to the tirelessly apocalyptic narrative emanating from the BBC, it is clear that speculation about the future has become a grim business. We might just about be surviving now (I am reassured) but the future is another land; a land deemed … Continue reading