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Wally Broecker’s Dumb Luck

  Doug McNeall tweeted a link to this somewhat enigmatic essay yesterday. It’s by Wally Broecker, the so-called “Father of Global Warming”, an epithet which he earned by virtue of his fairly accurate prediction of global temperature rise (predicted to be mainly due to rising CO2 emissions) in 1975. It’s pretty obvious that Wally Broecker … Continue reading

Environmentalism in action

Environmentalism in action

In Douglas Adams’s Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy an insane bunch of people starting out on a new planet try to get a money system going and decide that leaves will do as banknotes. Unfortunately, because there are so many leaves on the new planet, they decide to instigate a massive programme of deflation and burn all … Continue reading

Newsnight on experts

Last night’s BBC Newsnight programme featured a 15-minute film by Ian Katz about ‘experts’: Of course, it starts out with the Michael Gove quote, which for once is presented in full, “I think the people in this country have had enough of experts… getting it consistently wrong”. Paul Nurse – looking more and more like … Continue reading