Panic Now, Or Die Horribly!

Climate alarmists are becoming desperate. We’re not concerned enough about climate change, so they are going full out to try and create blind panic in the forlorn hope that we will be herded like sheep into taking action and/or consent meekly to the taking of drastic action, because we have become fearful, fed as we … Continue reading

Climate catastrophe due next year

Climate catastrophe due next year

A classic from the Guardian/Observer archives, from February 2004: The article is so absurd that it hardly needs any commentary. After explaining that Britain will be Siberian by next year according to a suppressed report, it goes on to claim that the ‘findings’ of the report will embarrass the climate-denying president: The findings will prove humiliating … Continue reading

The Snowman from Hell

We’ve come to believe that climate science is a bit of an aberration, and that science journalism is likewise a rare perversion of what news reporting is supposed to be about. Elsewhere in the academic world, we imagine, scientists are still pursuing knowledge for its own sake, ever ready to admit their errors and own … Continue reading

Hot is the New Warm

“Global Warming should be called Global Heating, says Key Scientist” is the headline to an article by Jonathan Watts in today’s Guardian. Watts is their science editor, the guy who used to be brought in with the mop and a cup of Horlicks when George Monbiot or one of the Graun’s other Environ-mentals had one … Continue reading

L’Appell du Vide

I’d Bash That: Geek goddess Naomi Oreskes [pictured] may be the hottest date on the climate scene right now, but mental mediocrity is her number 1 turnoff. Only superuser-level nerds need apply, she told Playdork Australia. Who can afford to wait in line for such a ripe pluck? Here’s your back door pass for unlimited … Continue reading