What The Media Didn’t Tell You About The ‘Man-Made’ June 2019 European Mini Heatwave – Climate Models FAILED To Make The Link

    The guys and gals at World Weather Attribution have pulled a white rabbit out of the hat yet again to confirm to a breathlessly waiting queue of climate activists, alarmists and media hacks their worst suspicions – yes, humans did indeed make the recent June heatwave in France much more likely and more … Continue reading

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Rapid Extreme Weather Attribution? Forget It. We Now Have Pre Extreme Weather Attribution!

    I wrote about the dark art of rapid extreme weather attribution nearly three years ago. My, how time flies by. But that’s old hat now. Peter Stott, the Met Office pioneer of extreme weather attribution re. his study of the 2003 European heatwave has got very excited about the forecast brief spell of … Continue reading


Venerable CliScis Fire Off Shots in Rapid Response to GWPF ‘Contrarian Pseudo-Rebuttal’: Shoot Themselves in Feet

    Eminent Meteorology Professor J. Ray Bates has written a paper for the GWPF about the discrepancies between the scientific case for climate change concern set out in AR5 WG1 and the more urgent, quite obviously politically motivated, less robustly evidenced climate alarmism in SR15. It’s a fairly long paper. I intend to concentrate … Continue reading