My Year as a Believer, Part 2

Dear entire skeptic leadership except me, How embarrassment. Tonight an inner voice, intractable to scientific understanding, told me to check the contents of my CENSORED folder. I’m glad I did, because the first thing I noticed was the email I was supposed to send y’all last year—the one with instructions for the maintenance of the … Continue reading

I also do absurd, Geoff

This post was essentially for Monsieur Chambres, our Comrade on the Continent, which is why his name is in the title. To whom it may amuse, It may amuse you to peruse the abuse I enjoyed under this post at the world’s most-read climate-change blog. Starting from here, furrow your brow as nemeses from HotScot … Continue reading

Groupthought for the Day 3: It’s Another WienerSchaft Miracle!

Groupthought for the Day 3: It’s Another WienerSchaft Miracle!

  Are you enjoying our ongoing series (here and here) of sneak-peek leaks from this year’s academic über­convention, the Vienna Circle Institute’s 2018  Konferenz für die Kommunikation des Konsenses der Wissenschaft des Wissenschaftliches Konsenses, which is German for Vien­Circ­Sci­Con­Comm­Con­Con­2018, which is English for BiMonSciFiCon, which is German for Wiener­Schaft ’18?* Here are some more highlights … Continue reading