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Dr Oreskes in 2015, denying a claim by John Cook denying the existence of denial.

Not 24 hours after children in Manchester were blown to bloody shreds by believers in the fundamental teachings of Islam Islamic fundamentalists, a cell-phone recording of Harvard lecturer Naomi Oreskes is raising questions about her fitness to mentor the next generation of America’s leaders.

CliScep has seen the disturbing, undated footage. Harvard University so far chooses to make no comment on Professor Oreskes’ remarks, in which she glowingly praises the extremist Muslim Students Association [MSA] and laments that,

Sadly, the post-9/11 era has been an era of rampant bigotry and racism against Islam and Muslim-Americans.

The MSA is a creature of the Muslim Brotherhood, which reportedly describes its mission as “eliminating and destroying Western civilization from within.” Yet if the recording is authentic, Ms Oreskes tells her students that,

It functions as a platform in [sic] which Muslims can help educate fellow students and community members about Islam, and Islam’s true teachings.

Of an upcoming MSA event on campus, she says to the class,

I’m happy to lend my endorsement to this important program. And I encourage you to participate, to all participate in it.

The brave student who secretly recorded this speech raises his hand during a question-and-answer period afterwards.

When called upon, he asks, “Professor Oreskes, how should we respond to the fallacy we often hear from the far-right, near-right, um, libertarians, the center-left and the center and so on, who argue that just because Islam isn’t a race, you can’t actually be racist against it?

“I’m not disputing that Islamophobic racism is the real tragedy of 9/11—no—hang on please, I’m not doubting that, I’m just wondering if it’s real.”

Despite the liberal salting of his question with disclaimers, it’s clearly not appreciated by his colleagues in the Advanced Scientific Consensus seminar hall, which resounds with intolerant groans. We count four distinct classmates who can be heard jeering “Sit down!” or “Don’t answer that, Naomi!”

Oreskes, however, seizes on the challenge with apparent relish. Appealing to her cohort of late-twenty-something Harvard students for quiet, she attempts to rebutt the question at length.

“Well, I was always taught there are no stupid questions, so thank you for, you know, proving that wrong. [General laughter, hooting.] No, no, I find it really interesting, I do,” says the Prof, “that a graduate student who’s apparently considered Harvard material would, um, think a fallacy like that was worth repeating. But I’m very—I’m happy to try to help you get over your misunderstanding, if possible.

“Listen: racism against Muslims is everywhere in the Western world, which is why it’s already cost the lives of three innocent Sikh-Americans, and counting. These law-abiding members of the community spent every waking hour driving taxis [inaudible] put their kids through college, just like your parents. They hated Islamic extremism as much as anyone!

“Yet that didn’t stop anti-Muslim racists—driven by a poisonous ideology that seeks to paint all Sikhs as terrorists—from snuffing out their lives anyway.

“So yeah, I’m aware of this ‘Islam isn’t a race’ myth [that’s been] doing the rounds of the conservative hateblogs. Tell that myth to the families of Javinder Singh, Parbinder  Singh-Ghauri or Amrit ‘Sammy’ Singh. Tell that myth to me, who, as a historian of science, is trained to analyze the history and development of consensus opinions [sic].”

The next few seconds are inaudible due to general applause. Oreskes goes on:

“…without sounding elitist, but as a scholar in the History and Philosophy of Ideas [sic], I can assure you that Muslims are a race of Indonesian, Islamic-speaking peoples who inhabit the Mid East—packed like sardines into the tiny sliver that isn’t Israel—where they’re subjected to racism by their fellow man wherever they turn, until they have no choice but to seek a better life in a quote-unquote ‘enlightened’ country like ours.

“So, how’s that American dream working out for you if your surname is Singh?” she asks. “Not so good, is it? Not so good. Come on, thank you everyone, if we can just simmer down and hopefully get to some more constructive questions. Oh, and by the way, young man—and I’m assuming you’re Jewish—the Islamic language has much more in common with Jewish than either of us realizes, or than most linguists like to admit. OK, who else had their hand up?”

It’s not the first time Oreskes’ allegiance to modern, liberal civilization has been called into question. In 2010, at the launch of her wildly-popular conspiracist tract Merchants of Doubt, an LA Times reporter put it to her that the book might be read as anti-Semitic.

“Oh for the—,” snapped the then-UC-San-Diego-based academic. “Some of my best friends are Sem—no, you know what, I won’t give you that satisfaction.

“Have you actually read our book? It’s anti-scientist, not anti-Semite. So it happens to attack the good name of [a tight-knit cabal made up mostly of] Jewish men? How exactly was I meant to avoid that? You can’t throw a rock in the scientific world without hitting a Jew.

“It’s like the Occupied Territories in there!”

Sikhism is not a sect of Islam. ■


  1. Would you consider this to be a racist, a islamophobic or a misogynistic statement – I wish Oreskes would take up the face veil?

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  2. I guess Cosmo’s editor, should he/she ever fall on hard times, can always apply for a job Professing at Harvard. Clearly he/she is eminently qualified.


  3. Oreskes reminds me of a character in “That Hideous Strength”. Her influence and high level advice in the Pope’s climate document was a red flag that there is corruption very high in this Pope’s leadership.

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  4. Hunter, I understand that the Pope presented Trump with a copy of his writings on climate change (Laudato si) . The Trumps brought the Pope first-editions of books by Martin Luther King, Jr. (surplus to requirements).

    Somewhere in the eternal city is a discarded religious relic with Oreskes fingerprints all over it.

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  5. AK, there is some sound stuff in Laudato Si. For example, see para 227 – where the Pope exhorts us to remember to say grace both before and after meals. Easy to forget the latter!


  6. Ossea. Someone needs to tell Trump, I doubt he knows. After meals with the Saudis did he remember to belch a prayer?


  7. Brad. After subjecting myself to countless viewings of Dr Oreskes at the beginning of this item, I believe she is threatening John Cook with supreme unction by head crushing (watch it for yourself if you don’t believe me – it’s diabolical). Is this what a friendly website like this should be propagating? You should be mightily ashamed of yourself for disseminating such vicious propaganda.

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