Climate Change Committee Says Homes Should Be Heated 2C Below What Most People Find Comfortable



In order to not save the world from supposedly dangerous anthropogenic global warming (because UK GHG emissions are tiny – and going downwards – in comparison to emissions from China and India, which are huge, and increasing), the UK climate change committee has recommended that householders set their central heating thermostat to 19C. This is 2C below the temperature which most people living in Britain consider to be ideal. It is also 2C below what Age UK recommend for older people in their living rooms, in order to maintain health.

The original idea was that the government insulated people’s homes and encouraged the building of new eco-homes so that it became much easier (and cheaper) to efficiently heat our living spaces to a ‘comfortable’ temperature. It seems that’s not good enough anymore. In order to get to zero emissions by 2050 – thereby virtue-signalling our way into decimating our industrial competitiveness, our environment, economy, and the social and physical mobility of large swathes of the populace, whilst doing virtually nothing to change the climate – we must not heat our homes to the perceived optimum temperature for normal, healthy people and have them a full 2 degrees Celsius colder than that which is recommended to maintain the health of elderly and sick people.

Nice. Politicians on 78 grand a year plus extremely generous expenses, will no doubt be able to afford to heat their taxpayer funded second homes to 21C or more all winter. Meanwhile, the sick and the elderly will be made to feel guilty about turning the thermostat beyond 19C in order to preserve the precious futures of the Greta Thunbergs of this world, presuming they can even afford to do that once the government has stolen their pensions. Maybe they’ll even get around to banning thermostats which can be set higher than 19C – after they’ve banned wood burning stoves of course.


  1. Trusting the Parliamentary Estates Facilities Manager locks every thermostat in the Palace of Westminster at 19ºC for future heating seasons. And formally bans all supplementary (electric) heaters that room occupants might surreptitiously use to improve their thermal comfort.

    To whom would an FOI request be sent, to determine what the current heating temperature settings are?

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  2. When I see the likes of our Jacob Rees Mogg swapping his waistcoat for a thick woolly jumper in the Lobby will I believe parliament is practicing what the CCC preaches. Not before.


  3. Plenty of people will be turning their heating back on tomorrow and for the next few days as cold air from the north makes its way over the UK – just after we were told to expect a 3 month heatwave! It seems that this is becoming a rather familiar pattern at the moment – alternate warm, dry spells and then colder, wetter spells as the sluggish jet stream shifts position over the British Isles. Amazing to think a 20-30ppm change in atmospheric CO2 concentration could have such a profound effect upon northern hemisphere circulation. We’d better ask Greta to explain it to us.

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  4. “UK GHG emissions are tiny – and going downwards – in comparison to emissions from China and India, which are huge, and increasing”

    The trouble is nobody seems to understand the size of China’s emissions!

    China emits 13,000 Mte of CO2 per year.
    (That is 35.6 Mte of CO2 per DAY)

    The UK emits 360 Mte of CO2 per YEAR.

    If the government were able to make the UK carbon neutral TOMORROW.

    China would put all that CO2 back into the atmosphere in just 10 DAYS

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  5. Thank you Neil, that puts it very nicely into perspective. Neither China, nor India, or any of the other rapidly developing Asian economies are going to impose anything like the emissions cuts currently being proposed upon the UK by our insane political masters, activist nutjobs, Red-Green Marxists and vested interests renewables fanatics. The Paris Agreement does not oblige them to do so.

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  6. With smart meters, I suspect they could control your temperature, or is that my conspiracy mode kicking in again.

    “For the next hour, sit quietly and we will control all that you see and hear. We repeat: there is nothing wrong with your television set. You are about to participate in a great adventure. You are about to experience the awe and mystery which reaches from the inner mind to — The Outer Limits.

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  7. “UK GHG emissions are tiny – and going downwards – in comparison to emissions from China and India, which are huge, and increasing”

    Well we are told China has “committed under the Paris Agreement to stop expanding its emissions after 2030”, by which time it will presumably have built what it needs to build to carry on burning coal for a further 50 years.

    There is a graphical demonstration at Carbon Brief of the enormity of the differences between China and the rest of the world. You can filter for individual countries with a slider from 2000 to 2018 and future planned:

    Check out China and India and then check out how the UK is plunged into darkness. From 2000 to 2018, China increases by almost 400 %, India by almost 260%, both have more planned. The rest of Asia is following and Chinese influence in Africa can also be seen. Former Soviet Union continues pretty much as normal, Central Europe increases, as does non-EU Europe.

    This site ( is also a useful reference and is ardently pushing to reduce CO2 emissions, having acknowledged that:

    “Historically, CO2 emissions have been primarily driven by increasing fuel consumption. This energy driver has been, and continues to be, a fundamental pillar of economic growth and poverty alleviation. As a result, we see in the visualization below that there is a strong correlation between per capita CO2 emissions and GDP per capita.”

    What a revelation!

    “This correlation is also present over time: Countries begin in the bottom-left of the chart at low CO2 and low GDP, and move upwards and to the right. Historically, where fossil fuels are the dominant form of energy, we therefore see increased CO2 emissions as an unintended consequence of development and economic prosperity.”

    I think they have it back to front somewhat, economic development and prosperity are a consequence of being able to use reliable, on demand energy from coal, oil and gas.

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  8. Being sceptical by nature, I wanted to check Neil Hampshire’s claims – and he seems to be correct. China’s emissions are at least 30 times the UK’s. Their population is about 20 times ours, so their emissions per person are higher than ours.

    Of course some of that is producing crap to export to us that we don’t need, like solar panels.

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  9. Don’t forget .though that CO2 emitted in China from coal mined in Australia is charged to Australia’s account.


  10. On turning down the heat, at least the CCC “only” recommends 19C. The Ladybird Book of Climate Change (Forward HRH Prince of Wales) has on page 39 a picture of the thermostat at 17C. For most of us, without the privilege of a Gordonstoun education – with its unheated dorms and cross-country runs in all weathers – may not be hardened to such conditions. If readers are ever invited in winter to Clarence House, I would suggest some discreet thermal undergarments. In keeping with the current consensus, might I suggest natural silk rather than synthetic fibers?

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