Climate champion disappears


An organisation calling itself “Climate Council”, based in Australia and led by our good friend and Australian of the Year Tim Flannery, yesterday issued the following tweet, announcing 20 climate champions who happen to be women:


Following the link takes you to their web page with the URL

But then you notice something a bit strange: the title of the piece is 19 climate champions, who also happen to be women. If you click on the “share on twitter” button, it goes back to 20. But if you actually count the number of climate champions, you’ll see that there are in fact only 19.

What happened? How did Tim Flannery and his team manage to lose a climate champion? Or is Tim just not very good at maths?

The answer to the mystery can be found by clicking on the link that Climate Council kindly provide:

This article originally appeared on the International Council for Science‘s Road to Paris website.

This takes you to the article 20 women making waves in the climate change debate. And by comparing the lists you can see who was disappeared.

[HT Tom Nelson]

Update: The embarrassing Climate Council web page has disappeared but it is on the archive.


  1. Of course we can’t have Curry on the list! Why, just look at what an (as far as I can tell) independent organization says about her:

    she is more than capable of making a name for herself in her own right. An established climate scientist, well known for her research on hurricanes and Arctic ice, Curry is currently Chair of the School of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences at the Georgia Institute of Technology.

    It is fair to say this doesn’t always win her friends in either science or the green movement.

    That just wouldn’t fit this mantra about her (

    Judith used to be a scientist who dabbled in climate stuff, until she gave it away to write a blog for science deniers.


  2. The original list was 20 women making waves. Curry qualifies there for the noise she makes. But a “climate champion”? When I figure out what it means I might know whether she belongs or not.


  3. Most of the others are climate chimps, chattering animatedly to themselves and for the benefit of those stupid enough to listen and to believe that they can make sense of their ridiculous utterances.

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  4. PM, I think many would challenge JC’s assertion, thinking instead that she had jumped the shark. But if she’s allowed to nominate herself a champion, then I nominate me.


  5. Raff
    It would be interesting to know how you can claim to be a nominee for a female climate champion.
    What are your achievements?
    By the way, I always thought you were a bloke. My apologies.

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