Why we don’t need academics*…

(* – well, not quite so many of them, anyway). To the extent that academia is a place of prestige, Twitter is a great leveller. We can peer over the walls… And, oh my, what a sight… Let me add this to @eucopresident's words: Brexiteers have placed Britain on the #YellowBrickRoad. It's a long & … Continue reading

Post-strewth politics

In the afternoon of 15th January, the day I put up some thoughts on Project Fear on Cliscep, and Theresa May lost by over two hundred votes in the House of Commons on her original Withdrawal Agreement, agreed with the EU, I read something truly shocking in the Daily Telegraph: Michael Gove Age: 51 Odds: 12/1 … Continue reading

The Chains of Reasoning

If a dinner party is beginning to fizzle out, I always find it helpful to try one or two post-prandial parlour games. For example, you might want to try separating your guests into two groups. Each group is given a list of the same numbers and asked to estimate the list’s average. The only difference … Continue reading

Math Vs. The Green New Deal

As a devoted Leftist I am encouraged to see young activists pushing for progressive policy goals. As an old Leftist I am somewhat amused to see once again bright-eyed and eager newcomers pushing for goals that are somewhat ambitious. As in unachievable without making most of the problems we face much worse. The Green New … Continue reading

Project Fear

pic.twitter.com/OX3PlC9QwM — Matt Cartoons (@MattCartoonist) January 15, 2019 A hundred years ago this evening, in Berlin, things weren’t going so well for Rosa Luxemburg. Captured by the Freikorps, who tortured her in a luxury hotel then killed her and dumped her body in a canal. All under the orders of her fellow-leftists, the SDP or … Continue reading

Like Tears. In Rain

On the eighth day of the first month in the Year of Our Brexit 2019, Jack excised me from the internet. Seven years, 50,000 tweets. Gone. Instant Silicon Valley Death Syndrome. Twitter killed @balinteractive. All those Twitter moments lost. Forever. To what did I owe this sudden harsh bout of ignominy, deprived even of refreshing … Continue reading