August climateballs

Another round-up of some of the latest climate silliness – some stories that are worth commenting on but don’t really merit a full post on their own. Mr Hulot resigns The clueless French environment minister, appropriately named Mr Hulot, has resigned, see AFP report and Climate Home. Apparently he announced his resignation live on radio … Continue reading

February Climateballs

  Following on from the first in the series, here is another round-up of recent climate idiocy. Med islands renewable target Ibiza and Mallorca have set targets to go 100% renewable by 2050! How much of their electricity is currently from renewables? 2%. So only another 98% to go. Sounds like a complete load of … Continue reading

New Year Climateballs

New Year Climateballs

The first of an occasional series. For the benefit of non-UK readers, “Climateballs” is a homage to the great late British sports commentator David Coleman who was legendary for his “Colemanballs” –  lines such as “If that had gone in, it would have been a goal.” The term was coined by Private Eye magazine and … Continue reading

It was the Russians!

Isn’t it strange that apparently Russia intervened with everything lefty’s disagree with? #Trump #Brexit — Shirl (@shirl2702) November 7, 2017 By now, we all know that Trump only became president of the US because the evil Russians interfered with the election and manipulated public opinion. We know this thanks in part to the fearless investigative … Continue reading

Outgassing for the Planet

It’s Conference of the Parties time again. If you you thought COP21 in Paris two years ago had solved the climate crisis you haven’t been paying attention to your favourite site. As we reported a year ago, COP22 last year in Marrakesh brought together the normal tens of thousands of delegates, including six professors and … Continue reading

Monsieur Hulot’s Policy

Monsieur Hulot’s Policy

I was going to write something about the new French government’s policies of banning petrol and diesel cars by 2040 and at the same time closing nuclear power stations. But these two tweets from David Rose and Chris Baker say it all. France announce this as they plan to reduce their nuclear capacity too, who … Continue reading