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One Day Heatwave at Cambridge Botanical Gardens Made 20 Times More Likely By Climate Change, Experts Say

    I’ve already covered the attribution study recently rushed out by scientists with regard to the very hot spell of weather in June. Now most of those same scientists have published a second attribution study which focuses on the 3 or 4 very hot days in northern France and Europe and the one very … Continue reading


What The Media Didn’t Tell You About The ‘Man-Made’ June 2019 European Mini Heatwave – Climate Models FAILED To Make The Link

    The guys and gals at World Weather Attribution have pulled a white rabbit out of the hat yet again to confirm to a breathlessly waiting queue of climate activists, alarmists and media hacks their worst suspicions – yes, humans did indeed make the recent June heatwave in France much more likely and more … Continue reading


World Weather Attribution: Trump Was Right – America Could Have Done With Some Good Old Global Warming.

    The first responder team at World Weather Attribution have declared that the exceptionally cold winter thus far in the eastern US and and Canada is . . . . . “exceptional in the current climate”. Like, wow. Before we get into the in-depth analysis which has prompted this altogether startling and unexpected conclusion, … Continue reading