Outgassing for the Planet

It’s Conference of the Parties time again. If you you thought COP21 in Paris two years ago had solved the climate crisis you haven’t been paying attention to your favourite site. As we reported a year ago, COP22 last year in Marrakesh brought together the normal tens of thousands of delegates, including six professors and a Vice Chancellor from Sheffield University, five men from the the Association Of Bladi Women for Development and Tourism, and four from the International Potato Center.

This year’s meeting in Bonn promises to be just as funpacked, though without the poolside cocktails. Bonn used to be one of the world’s most important capital cities, until something historic happened and it’s not any more, which makes it a rather appropriate setting for the post Paris mop up.

However their new website  does its best to put a brave face on things, for example in a welcome to their front pages on their front pages celebrating their new website:

Hello and welcome to our new front pages just in time for 2017 UN Climate Change Conference in Bonn. We would like to thank the German Government for their voluntary funding and support in making this more dynamic newsroom and COP23 information site possible. The relaunch is part of a much wider upgrade of the UN Climate Change secretariat’s web presence that we are working on. Over the coming months, after COP23, we plan to retire the old, now very antiquated, ‘white pages’ and move to a new, 21st century system with modern features and better accessibility. We would like to thank especially the Government of Norway and the European Union for their voluntary support for the wider initiative. We hope you like the new COP23 front as a taster for even bigger and better enhancements to come.

There’s also an article about what the delegates will mostly be eating this week:

A Taste of Sustainability – Food and Catering at COP23

COP will be attended by around 25,000 participants – and all of them need to eat and drink. This means a lot of meals, and potentially a high carbon footprint just from catering. In order to make the conference fully climate neutral, the logistical organizers are making the catering both tasty and sustainable.

We are keen to ensure that catering at the conference is environmentally friendly,” says Michael Schroeren, spokesman for Germany’s Environment Ministry (BMUB). “That is why we chose to offer mainly vegetarian food and only certified fish and organic meat.” The FAO says that global livestock alone –including cattle, swine, sheep and all other animals raised to produce meat, milk, leather or wool – account for 14.5 percent of all man-made greenhouse gas emissions.The menu will thus see vegetarian versions of such popular dishes as a stew known as Gulasch, as well as Chili and Paella. [What, no kohlrabi?]

In addition, all meat and seafood that is dished up at COP23 must be organic, with the fish certified by the Marine Stewardship Council, an organization which guarantees high sustainability standards.

Another source of food-related emissions is transport. Because of this, the COP23 organizers require from caterers that at least 20 percent of the food come from Bonn and surroundings. “That means there will be cabbage dishes on the menu, as well as carrots and beets,” says Beate Frey-Stiltz of Germany’s environment ministry. “Basically everything the region has to offer this time of year.” At the same time, caterers will make best possible use of leftovers, for instance by turning left-over fruit and vegetables into smoothies.

Something the organic recyclers don’t seem to realise is that a gas is a gas, whether it comes from out of a cow’s anus or a fermented kraut smoothy. (Sorry Beate, I didn’t mean you.)


  1. “……. man-made greenhouse gas emissions……… ” “That means there will be cabbage dishes on the menu…..”

    Are the tents intended to produce their own microclimates?


  2. ‘If you thought COP21 in Paris two years ago had solved the climate crisis’

    How do you ‘solve’ something that only exists in certain people’s heads, like a form of paranoia?


  3. Len – you have to have a real problem before you can deny it. Currently CAGW is still only happening some time in the future on dodgy models. That means Oldbrew’s comment is the correct one while yours is just trolling.


  4. At a news conference last week in Brussels, Christiana Figueres, executive secretary of U.N.’s Framework Convention on Climate Change, admitted that the goal of environmental activists is not to save the world from ecological calamity but to destroy capitalism.

    “This is the first time in the history of mankind that we are setting ourselves the task of intentionally, within a defined period of time, to change the economic development model that has been reigning for at least 150 years, since the Industrial Revolution,” she said.
    Referring to a new international treaty environmentalists hope will be adopted at the Paris climate change conference later this year, she added: “This is probably the most difficult task we have ever given ourselves, which is to intentionally transform the economic development model for the first time in human history.”



  5. Chrism, I deny that you are a green slime mould. By your logic that makes you a green slime mould.


  6. Weasel, she said nothing relating to destroying capitalism. But it is a fair bet that slavers said the same about William Wilberforce


  7. Len there is a vast difference between a problem that is false and a false statement, and Chrism56 clearly spoke of a problem.
    BTW. Extra atmospheric CO2 causes more green slime mould to grow.


  8. Len, we already understand you gave up critical thinking skills to become a climate kook.
    But even the ability to think logically?
    Wow, you have really given your all to the climate faith.


  9. Alan, it would clearly be a problem, for him at least, if Chrism were a slime mould, or if he were to turn into one. But I am brave enough to deny that this is a problem. Ergo he is a slime mould or is turning into one.


  10. All delegates who do not live within walking distance will be arriving by bicycle.


  11. OLDBREW (04 Nov 17 at 5:18 pm)
    “How do you ‘solve’ something that only exists in certain people’s heads?”

    A problem is still a problem, even if it only exists in people’s heads. Especially if it only exists in people’s heads, since the only known treatment is one-to-one psychotherapy. That’s what some of us here at Climate Scepticism (Barry, Paul, Ian, Jaime, myself and sometimes others) offer on various threads, for example at the Conversation. Professor Lewandowsky used to be one of the site’s most prolific contributors, but he hasn’t written anything for over a year, possibly because he gets ridiculed every time by us and a small number of supporters. Brian Cox got smashed at the New Statesman by a half a dozen sceptics and no longer journalises on the subject. An Oxford professor of ethics was well fisked by us, and the site was down for repairs for six months as a result. I count those as small victories.

    I agree that we’re not going to solve the problem one head at a time, since they’re too many and we’re too few. But its great fun, like playing at being the French Resistance, without the danger of being shot by the Gestapo.

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  12. Global livestock account for 14.5% of all global man-made emissions! This is the slippery slope of climate guilt. Where exactly is the boundary between ecology and slobber anthropomorphism? If keeping cows for milk and meat increases emissions, would the planet be in a better place if we were to slaughter them all? Or, in an alternative world, if there were only wild cattle and humans had not domesticated them, how would the Mauna Loa curve look?


  13. And, in addition, I think the requirement that 20% of the food should come from Bonn and its surroundings is cowardly. It should be 100% or nothing for our bold and brave climate crusaders. Maybe every day of the conference should involve 2 hours of foraging for food. I think the representatives of the Stretchford Boilermakers for Climate Justice Society would be up for that

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  14. German climate journalist Axel Bojanowski has produced a handy bingo card for COP23

    “A clear timetable must be developed”

    “Our climate is our future”

    “We must act now”

    “The future of humanity is at stake” and so on.

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  15. I note with some considerable interest and amusement that the entry in Wikipedia for the climate of Bonn indicates that the city ” is in one of Germany’s warmest regions”. No doubt with nearly 26 thousand climate concerned visitors it will have the warmest November EVAR.


  16. Paul, my German’s not too hot (yes, in my free time I’m a punster extraordinaire) but even that URL is fun:


    Das bull shit bingo indeed. Respekt.


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