Mann Emails Released

A batch of Michael Mann’s emails have been released, following a request and legal action, see here for background.

The emails are available at this link.

There are 728 emails or they can be arranged in 361 threads, covering a period from 1999 to 2005. Quite a lot of them are already public knowledge thanks to Climategate, but there are also a lot that aren’t.

Tom Nelson and Bishop Hill have some comments on twitter under the #mannemail tag.

I doubt whether there will be any stunning new revelations.






  1. “I doubt whether there will be any stunning new revelations.”

    All revelations of climatoscientific impropriety are stunning.


    causing or liable to cause torpor, inaction or inability to act.

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  2. “The emails are available at this link.” Can’t get in, log in required.


  3. Yes Paul, I doubt if anyone will pay attention even if Mann’s emails show more malfeasance. All we can hope for is more transparency in the future.


  4. More emails have been released.
    Mann will be back peddling even more, apparently.


  5. Paul,
    Thank you for the link.
    Mann comes looking even more petty and self-aggrandizing in this subset of emails.


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