Historical Perspectives on Climate – The Super El Nino of 1876-78

  In March 2016, a climate emergency was declared by Stefan Rahmstorf. Gavin Schmidt also tweeted: Normally I don't comment on individual months (too much weather, not enough climate), but last month was special.https://t.co/nALWMlNDcP — Gavin Schmidt (@ClimateOfGavin) March 12, 2016 The ’emergency’ related to the NASA GISS Feb temperature anomaly of 1.35C above 1951-80 … Continue reading

Carl Mears Paper Confirms Increasing Trend in Atmospheric Water Vapour

  Carl Mears, who runs the RSS global satellite temperature dataset, has a new paper out, studying trends is atmospheric water vapour from 1988-2017. The data reveals a significant increasing trend in Total Precipitable Water (ocean only) of 1.49% per decade, which he states is confirmation of the effects of anthropogenic global warming. Water vapor … Continue reading

Move On Over Mr Polar Bear, Corals are Now The New Poster Child of Global Warming Alarmism

    The day has come. Scientists are heartbroken. Corals are as good as dead. RIP beautiful coral reefs. (sniff, sniff, *reaches for Kleenex*) For decades, marine scientists have been warning us this day would come. A new study out this week amounts to a “death warrant for coral reefs as we know them.”https://t.co/2vv30JsK4J — … Continue reading