September 2019 UK Climate Crisis Update


According to the Met Office, September daily average maximum temperature in the UK was just over 17°C which makes it . . . . wait for it . . . . the 24th warmest since records began in 1910. UK Septembers became noticeably warmer after 1985, until 2006, then they started to get cooler again. 2019 merely continues that downward trend.


In the longer running Central England database, September 2019 mean temperature was 14.3°C, which puts it a stunning 68th warmest EVAH since records began, beaten only by 1729, 1795, 1760, 1780, 1731, 1730, 1750, 1708, 1678, 1680, etc. etc. etc. In fact, it looks like September in the 1700s was generally a much warmer month than it has been so far in the 21st century.

So I fully expect more universities and councils to declare a climate emergency with this latest horrifying revelation of how global heating is dramatically affecting the first month of Autumn in these Sceptred Isles and of course, it merely provides further justification, if any were needed, for Boris’s Bonkers Boiler Ban in 2020.


  1. If you look at graphs of earlier values of maximum temperatures for given months in previous years, there would seem to be a near sure way of predicting whether the following year’s value will be higher or lower. If the previous year’s temperature was high, the succeeding year’s value will (mostly) be lower, and visa versa. The effect is to produce a graph that resembles a Megalodon’s dentures.

    It does open the possibility that the weather of one year influences that of the succeeding year, on a month by month basis. Is this even at all possible?


  2. My mistake. I showed the graph for average maximum temperature. Here is the average mean graph, which looks very similar. The average mean for September 2019 is just over 13C.


  3. Alan, looking at the graphs above, it doesn’t seem to be that uncommon that consecutive years have similar temperatures for a given month, but yes, the overall impression is of a sawtooth, which demonstrates just how variable the British climate is from one year to another.


  4. Just to complete the picture, September in the UK has got slightly drier since 1950 and slightly sunnier too. You might think that’s really rather pleasant but it’s terrible. People are suffering, people are dying and all we can talk about is our money and fairytales of economic growth.


  5. Enough about the people Jaime, what about all the cute furry things?

    Utter disaster.


  6. Sorry, Jaime, but you must realise that your careful and thoughtful observations about September 2019 in the UK are completely trumped by this news:

    “Hottest September on record in Australia’s Perth
    Driest September in 42 years has residents concerned as sizzling spring and summer beckons.”

    I have no idea what’s been going on elsewhere in Australia in September. Not much, presumably, or they’d have been shouting it from the rooftops.


  7. Mark, the UK is not the world of course, nor even is Australia. September 2019 according to UAH global lower troposphere data was 0.61C – making it the warmest September in the 41 year satellite record. So we can all say together: “OMG, it’s the climate crisis!”

    Then we can ask ourselves, is it the CO2 climate crisis, or is it the AMO climate crisis?


  8. Forgive my ignorance, but is the 17.0 C for the whole of the UK, as opposed to the CET area? Even so, 17.0 C is a long way from 14.3 C. Is that usual?

    In passing, I noticed that The Green Party, when tweeting about the recent severe flooding, seemed to be implying it was due to Climate Change. They didn’t quite spell it out, but seemed to be implying it was an example of more frequent extreme weather, or at least a highly unusual event.

    I immediately thought of the North Sea Floods of 1953, which claimed the lives of several thousand in the Netherlands, and several hundred in the UK (and quite a large number at sea). In 1953, CO2 levels would be around 310 ppm.

    Is there any evidence whatsoever suggesting that the latest floods have anything to do with AGW?


  9. Mike, as I said, I made the mistake of posting the average daily maximum September temperature for the UK, not the average daily mean temperature, which was just over 13C.


  10. Like the Nonversation says Paul, climate communicators need to inject some comedy into their efforts. Too much doom and gloom! XR have taken the message on board! 🙂


  11. It waz evil climat deniyrs sabotage, dats wot it waz, and not bloody funy.


  12. Must admit I have also declared “a climate emergency”

    3 hols to sunny Spain this year & still can’t get my wet grass at home cut (might have to get the dreaded strimmer out).


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