Latest idiocy from the Guardian

The scientifically illiterate moron who is in charge of the Guardian has decreed that instead of “climate change”, her writers should use the term “climate emergency”, because she thinks this term is “scientifically precise”.

The Guardian has updated its style guide to introduce terms that more accurately describe the environmental crises facing the world.

Instead of “climate change” the preferred terms are “climate emergency, crisis or breakdown” and “global heating” is favoured over “global warming”, although the original terms are not banned.

“We want to ensure that we are being scientifically precise, while also communicating clearly with readers on this very important issue,” said the editor-in-chief, Katharine Viner. “The phrase ‘climate change’, for example, sounds rather passive and gentle when what scientists are talking about is a catastrophe for humanity.”

“Increasingly, climate scientists and organisations from the UN to the Met Office are changing their terminology, and using stronger language to describe the situation we’re in,” she said.

Other terms that have been updated, including the use of “wildlife” rather than “biodiversity”, “fish populations” instead of “fish stocks” and “climate science denier” rather than “climate sceptic”. In September, the BBC accepted it gets coverage of climate change “wrong too often” and told staff: “You do not need a ‘denier’ to balance the debate.”

Earlier in May, Greta Thunberg, the Swedish teenager who has inspired school strikes for climate around the globe, said: “It’s 2019. Can we all now call it what it is: climate breakdown, climate crisis, climate emergency, ecological breakdown, ecological crisis and ecological emergency?”

Well if top climate scientist Greta Thunberg uses this language, clearly it makes sense for the Grauniad to follow.


  1. Even the UN Secretary General takes advice from Greta Thunberg !


  2. Wait until Trump cuts funding. Then Climate Scientists and their devotees will know what an Emergency is.

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  3. Canman calls it right.
    And weather emergencies, worldwide, hurt fewer people, cause less disruption, are not increasing in frequency or intensity.
    Additionally, I believe the actual data from the South Pacific is that most islands are growing.
    The deliberate lie used by catastrophists if pretending Sand bar/ ephemeral barrier type islands are the same as atolls is annoying.
    Who actually cares what a worthless deceptive paper says?

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  4. How interesting. Surely wildlife is not an analogue of biodiversity. To think that the Guardian style guide was once held in such high regard.

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  5. I’m thinking of updating my style guide. Henceforth, ‘climate alarmist’ will be ‘climate hysteric’, although the original term will not be banned.

    As the Grauniad says, scientific precision is important.

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  6. John. Sometimes a ‘Like’ is just insufficient. The updating of your style guide was one such, producing a broad smile, and much envy.

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  7. John said it wittily, now I’ll say it my way.

    Chambers’ Dictionary is updating its definition of “editor of the Guardian” and will now refer to this entity as “Ms. Asshole.”

    In order to avoid any hint of offence, the word “asshole” has also been redefined as “a talentless person of US nationality, appointed by a once great British newspaper in a desperate attempt to raise transatlantic internet hits to a level where advertisers get interested.”

    The Damian Carrington article which Paul links to is worth reading in its entirety. It’s illustrated with a photo of scavenging polar bears titled: “The destruction of Arctic ecosystems forces animals to search for food on land, such as these polar bears in northern Russia.” They look well fed enough. Pottering about on a Russian garbage dump beats plunging into freezing water to slit the throats of baby seals any day.

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