Climate Sexism Works Both Ways

In Twitterland, you get to see Human Nature, red in both tooth and varnished fingernail. So I thought I would post this brief, timely reminder that naked sexism, as manifest in the Naked Ape, is still alive and well – and it cuts both ways.

Firstly, a familiar figure – Sarah Myhre, meteorologist Cliff Mass’s one time nemesis, who ironically pops up to defend him (albeit in a roundabout fashion) from the mild criticism of a fellow meteorologist who disagrees that CO2 is the climate control knob. Cliff posted this link to his article:

In reply, Craig Woods tweeted:

Cue, Sarah Myhre:

To which Craig replied, quite rightly:

Sarah Myhre is well known for her outspoken feminist opinions and abrasive climate activism, whilst claiming that she has science on her side. Bizarrely, she still garners much support from her climate scientist colleagues.

As an antidote to Myhre’s extreme feminism, I came across this from climate scientist Friederike Otto on Twitter today:

Which is a disgrace really, in this day and age, especially considering that it happened to a respected and well known female scientist at a UN IPCC WG1 lead author meeting where, of all venues, you might expect at least gender parity to prevail, if not a distinctly positive bias in favour of women to be apparent.

Funny old world we live in, still full of glaring contradictions.


  1. Not that it is totally unknown for PhD students to be lead authors at the IPCC of course (though I think less likely nowadays), but Otto is very well known for her work on extreme weather attribution.


  2. A while ago, a new young man arrived in our department. An older academic asked him who he was working with. The new guy explained that he had been appointed as a professor. I wonder if Otto is a bit hasty in playing the sexism card.

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  3. “. . . red in both tooth and varnished fingernail”

    Whatever one’s take on the subject, that has to be the phrase of the year Come New Year, I hope to write “It’s funnier than previously thought”.

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  4. Does it matter if it’s ageism or sexism, it’s any deliberate disrespect for anybody with a different view ?

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  5. Paul. I am somewhat surprised by your story in that your department is one of Mathematics. The story is that mathematicians do their best work when they are young and thus many of them obtain their chairs at this tender age. Your older colleague must have realized he could have been meeting such a young turk.


  6. So, just like Kate, Mike, Hansen, etc., etc., etc., this ooser can only respond to reasoned criticism with sexist ad homs.
    And this one, by rekating her ractionary climate extremism to the “abolish ICE” movement shows she is not only anti-science, but is for a lawless society.
    Which is appropriate for the “climate change” extremists who oppose evidence, debate, reason and science.


  7. Many years ago I was transferred to a different office, ran into a supervisor in a hallway, and he remarked (thinking he was going to be my boss) “You’ll really like working here, I’ll need to make sure we get you a fast machine and two large screens” (I have poor eyesight). He was very surprised when he found out I wouldn’t need the two screens because I had requested a projector and a white board for my second screen. And that I was going to be his boss.


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