Ipsos Mori: UK climate concern decreasing

Today and tomorrow there’s a conference for “environmental communicators” taking place, at Bristol Zoo. See the website or twitter tag.

In a time of unprecedented social, economic and political change we urgently need proactive tools for successfully communicating environmental issues. Communicate goes straight to the interface and asks some difficult questions about current approaches as we explore a shifting landscape of echo-chambers, divisive opinions and fake news.

These events are always mildly amusing – for example they had a session this morning where they all sat around tables together and discussed echo chambers and how to get out of them. This afternoon they are discussing how to change peoples’ minds, while tomorrow among other things there’s a session on fake news and alternative facts, including a talk by a local expert well known for his alternative facts.

But one interesting thing I noticed was this:

Ipsos MORI say that they’ve found a steady decline on concern about climate change since 2005, from 82% to 60%, something they describe as a “worrying trend”. I’ve found their report from 2005 giving the 82% concerned figure (44% very concerned, 38% fairly concerned), and the 2010 one with 71% concerned (28% very, 43% fairly). That drop might perhaps be attributed to climategate (2009), but the consistent downward trend might be difficult to find excuses for.



  1. The translation of the conference purpose from Newspeak into English:
    “How can we continue to fool the proles into giving us their money?”
    “Communicating Environmental Concern” = “Selling unwarranted fear”.

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  2. For the record, this was the same annual confab at which Myles Allen did a star turn in Nov. 2011. His choice of (or perhaps assigned) topic was “Climate change – so last decade”. Allen’s presentation was perhaps most notable for a rather unfortunate slip of the tongue during which he had declaimed, “The IPCC or us scientists, so to speak”.

    Allen was evidently also heard uttering the word “Climategate” once during his presentation.

    Details and more on Allen’s presentation (and his subsequent daring venture into the world of communicating with skeptics via BH & Climate Audit) at Of climatologists and cartoons: Compare and contrast


  3. Concern about climate change has fallen because it has been no perceptible adverse effect during anyone’s lifetime, despite all the hype. I have been swimming on Cornish beaches since I was 5 years old. I can honestly say that the high tide mark remains unaltered after 60 years. By far the hottest summer was in 1976, nothing recent comes anywhere close. Possibly there is less snow fall now than there was say 50 years ago, but that may not be such a bad thing anyway.


  4. Arctic ice melt – fail, polar bear decline – fail, more extreme weather – fail, accelerating temperatures – fail, end of snowy NH winters – fail, etc. Not that any of these would necessarily implicate man, but they were/are some of the scares put forward by climate alarmists.

    Where are their successes?

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  5. Oldbrew, their successes? Why, melting Arctic ice (ships going through the NW Passage, those pesky Rooshuns exploiting their Arctic) , decline of polar bears (with pictures), more extreme weather (everyone knows weather has got worse (or was much better) in our yoof, accelerating rise in sealevel (in other countries, oh those poor people in Bangladesh, Maldives and funny named Pacific islands). It is also responsible for all those wars everywhere. We constantly read about it, and how bad its getting in Our Mail, Express or Mirror and there’s little else in that Guardian or on the BBC or ITV . Only nutters don’t believe and they are beyond the pale. The “Science” is supported by 97% of scientists; our children are taught it in school and university, and the all-knowing, the good and godly of the land all know it to be the gospel truth.

    I would say climate alarmists have been spectacularly successful.


  6. David Dilley (US Climate expert) has two very interesting videos on YouTube. Part 2 is here.

    Well worth watching.


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