Jordan Peterson on Climate Change

Jordan Peterson on Climate Change

We’ve discussed Jordan Peterson a couple of times previously here. In particular, Ian wrote An Invitation to Jordan Peterson, encouraging him to investigate the “vast continent of muddled thinking in the climate debate”.  Well, it appears that Dr Peterson read Ian’s post and has risen to the challenge — either that or he’s been talking … Continue reading

Sceptics Deny the Earth is Flat. Therefore the World is Warming

The Conversation’s Environment editor Willy de Freitas, after insulting cliscep contributors Paul Matthews and John Ridgway,  as well as barrister Robin Guenier and emeritus professor of philosophy Hugh McLachlan, has decided to thumb his nose at us by publishing an article so stupid that even we wouldn’t stoop to criticise it. Sorry Willy. I’ll stoop … Continue reading

How Telling the Right Stories Can Make People Act on Climate Change

From the Conversation, slightly abridged by Tom van Laer Senior Lecturer in Marketing, City, University of London, and Ross Gordon Associate Professor in Social Marketing, Macquarie University We can survive climate change. There is something simple and concrete that each of us can do. Telling and sharing stories, from the scientific to the personal, is … Continue reading

Winning! Not winning!

The internet making fun of mainstream media messaging – an example of winning? Ian: In an email shared amongst the Cliscep team recently I mentioned that I thought climate scepticism had passed a tipping point and that our side was now, finally, winning. Jaime agreed, but cautioned that the scales have only tipped very lightly … Continue reading