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Prediction: Climate Change Will Be Blamed For Making February Heatwave ‘X Times More Likely’.

    Carbon Brief summed up the media and scientific community’s response to the remarkable spell of summery weather the UK has just experienced when it was supposed to be winter (today is the first day of Spring and it’s much colder!). Reading between the lines, I would hazard to guess that within the next … Continue reading


Genetically Modified Journalism

Ever wondered where grubby old Guardian environmental editors go to pupate? James Randerson was the Guardian’s science correspondent and then environment editor for 10 years He’s now news editor at Politico (Europe), a very attractive, well-presented, well-informed on-line news source committed to selling us the Euro-kool Aid. At the Guardian, Randerson was responsible for their … Continue reading


Scott Adams on Climate Persuasion, and Tony Heller’s top 5

We’ve discussed Scott Adams, creator of Dilbert, a few times here. It’s quite interesting to see the thinking of somebody who’s clearly quite intelligent, and thinks for himself, but is relatively new to the climate debate. One of his most recent videos is about Climate Persuasion, titled “Scott Adams solves the climate debate and saves … Continue reading