Eric Worrall at WattsUpWithThat  alerted us to Great Thunberg’s speech at Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Austrian World Summit 2021

I was going to transcribe it, but it’s rather long and predictable, so I’ll just give you her final words.

“The audience has grown weary. This show is over. Thank you”

And she’s right of course. Youtube’s viewing figures prove it.

Greta Thunberg full speech UN Climate Change COP24 2 years ago – 2.4 million views

Greta Thunberg’s speech at the Austrian World Summit 2 years ago – 342,000 views

Greta Thunberg’s speech at the Austrian World Summit 2021 – 4,293 views

Which is still huge compared to the viewing figures for any other star at the Schwarzenegger Fearfest:

AWS21 High level panel with Alok Sharma, Nicola Sturgeon, Jane Goodall etc.: 451 views

AWS21 Chancellor Angela Merkel: 240 views

AWS21 UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres: 62 views

So has Greta realised that her star is waning and decided to retire young, like another Swedish Greta? How long before she announces that she just wants to be alone?


  1. I was just thinking the other day that despite the increasing hype and hysteria in the run-up to COP26, we haven’t seen or heard much from Greta so far this year. Is her star waning? Will someone else take up the baton?

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  2. She made a bid to jump on the Covid band wagon right at the beginning, by claiming to have it and “publicly” declaring she was self-isolating (sic). Fortunately (?) the world had more important things than Greta to think about at the time, and nobody noticed.

    When she was a kid, the fact that what she had to say was not terribly original, interesting or profound didn’t seem to matter; it was the fact that an oddly-dressed truanting kid was actually trying to say something about important matters that got her noticed. As she drifts into adulthood, her one USP drifts away with it. World leaders will perhaps stop taking her calls. Maybe she jumped the shark with that ill-advised trip on the borrowed expensive yacht; who knows.

    BTW, what on earth is an Austrian Summit? Has anyone even heard of anyone famous from Austria…..? Oh, wait ….

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    The Austrian summit is Schwarzenegger’s baby. What’s shocking is that Alok Sharma and Nicola Sturgeon (not to mention the presidents of Latvia and the Seychelles) should take time off from running their countries to talk to a few thousand VIPs and a few hundred Youtubers.
    (Wittgenstein and Karl Popper are also quite famous.)

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  4. “AWS21 Chancellor Angela Merkel: 240 views

    AWS21 UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres: 62 views

    Thanks, Geoff. That’s just what my bruised ego needed. I shall continue the day with a skip and a hop.

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  5. “Is her star waning? Will someone else take up the baton?”

    It seems her star is waning. Partly due to the mistake of getting older. Plus once you’ve done full-on anger, it’s hard to exceed that. I doubt she’s done yet, though.

    But my guess regarding the whole show is that there’s still plenty enough inertia to surface more prophets in the line of Hansen then Gore then Greta. A non-white child ‘climate refugee’ orphan would fit the bill (‘my parents died in the flood, you killed them with your SUVs!’). If white, a trans child (‘I survived the terrors of transphobia, only to face extinction due to climate-change’). There are various such options for children, but it’s harder to think how an adult might still get attention.
    Simply being a (catastrophist not mainstream) climate-scientist won’t cut it anymore, like Hansen as was. The daughter of a catastrophist scientist whose house was burnt down in a wildfire might (‘my mum warned the world and no-one listened, now we are homeless and my pony and bunny-rabbit are dead’).

    There’s some research showing that there’s a bias towards younger females when it comes to prophets of millennial cultures, albeit this needs much more work. I wonder whether there have been others on the spectrum too; might be advantageous for propagation. An area of much respected authority that has yet to be tapped is the medical profession. Even before Covid, a lot of full-on propagation has emanated from here. The Covid + CC flirtation may strengthen this angle. Some extremely pressured yet emerging as heroic doctor could make the grade in the right circumstances. E.g. a ward full of covid patients now drenched in smoke from wildfires; somehow doctor saves the day. But given the millions of options open to cultural selection, likely something we could never guess will more probably emerge!

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  6. The implications of an increasingly creep Austrian pushing crap science as an excuse to reshape the world is downright creepy.
    But on to Greta and her waning star: Couldn’t happen to a more pathetic, manipulated, monetized young adult.

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