If you have any messages for the Cliscep team please post them here, not least if you would like to write articles for us. We’ll use the email address you provide to reply.


  1. Thank you Uwe for your interest – and the many Likes you’ve given Cliscep posts over the years!

    We’ll get back to you by email in the next few days.


  2. Editor, please reply with an email whereby I may send you a docx, Scientific Paper for Guest Posting- “Global Warming Driven by Plant Evapotranspiration Reduction, Not CO2 GHG! Solution- Greener Earth”. Consider posting in your blog. Thanks! David.

    [David, we will respond to you in due course by email – Ed.]


  3. I am very glad about a mere fact of existence of this group. And I highly appreciated the thoughts expressed by John Ridgway in his “Nobel’s prize guys” on October 13. Putting it in a less diplomatic language, for me the recent ignoble award in Physics symbolizes a defeat of civilization when a corruption tainted the highest scientific authority. I will appreciate if you reply me personally so that I share some more ideas on this matter…

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  4. Alexander,

    Thank you very much for your feedback. Your appreciation of our existence is matched only by our appreciation of your approval. However, regarding your request to enter into a private dialogue, I am afraid I am going to have to respectfully decline since it is only ever my intention to engage in a public debate. I am sure that if you were to post your views in a comment against my Nobel Prize article they would be valued by all of our readers.

    May I add that this is not the first time that I have written on corruption and bias within the authorities set up to bestow approval in the realm of physics. You may have noticed that at the bottom of my Noble Prize article there is a related one titled ‘How Consensus killed the genius’. This further discusses the issues that you have raised here and so I recommend it to you.

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  5. Dear John,

    I have already posted my comment after your recent Nobel Prize article.

    Here in the Feedback, I posted a message yesterday just following the instruction “drop us a line” for the administrators of the group (in the “About” section). I would like to discuss a few ideas in private communication first.


  6. Dear Alexander, thank you again for the appreciation you’ve expressed for our work. One of us will email you this evening (to be interpreted roughly in a Greenwich Mean Time sense!)


  7. Hi Ed Hoskins

    Very sorry to have missed your comment of August last year. At that point I would have been expected to be the ‘first responder’ here but I didn’t see it at all. The Cliscep team and website was undergoing a reorg in the middle of 2021 – as alluded to in our About Page and its “Updated 19 May 2021” at the end! We’re now more stable, and good-looking, with a number of new posters and some humble people learning how to be technical administrators of a group blog. So the ‘we’ has a slightly different meaning than two years ago, say, but there is continuity in wanting to ‘bring some quantified common sense to the Climate question’ as you put it.

    One of us will be contacting you by email to begin to explore how we might be able to work together more closely. Thanks very much for being in contact – twice.


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